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Memorable moments in Vietnam

16:45 | 04/02/2019

Timeout asked international visitors and residents What is the memory that reminds you most of your time in Vietnam

memorable moments in vietnam

In the eyes of foreign guests, Vietnam is not only a friendly and attractive destination but also somewhere that has given them many surprises, so every time they think of Vietnam they smile.

Lukas Von Grambusch from Germany

Last year I was in Hanoi for the celebration of Lunar New Year with my Vietnamese girlfriend. We had an amazing trip to Sapa and that has become my best memory of Vietnam, as well as the local people. Sapa is a town located in high mountain with extremely beautiful landscapes and wonderful food.

We visited Fansipan peak which is considered the roof-top of Southeast Asia. It’s an amazing feeling to get there and it was like we were travelling into the sky. We enjoyed Sapa’s food the most with the dishes such as salmon hot pot served with local vegetables, and the grilled food served by street vendors. The most impressive thing about Sapa was how fluently the people ther can speak English and how friendly they are. Sapa is definitely the place I want to come back to.

Julien Pechey from France

I took a trip to Lang Co Beach in Hue city last November. I stood with half of my body under the water against a big stone and felt something biting my feet. I realized that it was small fish eating dead skin on my legs and after a second of being scared, I started laughing.

I stopped moving and there were hundreds of them, hungry, and coming from every direction. It was very relaxing being alone on the endless beach, dipping ourselves in the fresh clear water. The sun was high and reflecting on the water. I got a bit burned but it was so nice and after all the skin on my legs turned out so soft. It was a wonderful morning and is an experience that I would love to repeat in Vietnam.

Song Jeong Hwan from the Republic of Korea

The moist air at the airport was the first impression that made me feel that I had come to another country. When travelling around Hanoi, what impressed me most was there were too many motorbikes. Unlike the Republic of Korea (RoK) where cars are the main means of transportation, in Vietnam, it is necessary to avoid motorbikes when moving. The chaotic scenes of local traffic are undoubtedly dangerous because Vietnamese drivers often ignore traffic regulations and do whatever they want.

When I visited Hoan Kiem lake, I was also surprised because there was such as big lake in the middle of the capital and this is a familiar spot for both domestic and local people going to do exercise or for dating.

In the RoK, such lakes are only found on university campuses or large parks. Another point is when travelling by train from Hanoi to Haiphong, few people go to the sea in the winter, but the sea around Haiphong is totally different from the sea in the RoK.

I like Hanoi because there are many old cultural features. If I come to Vietnam again, I want to visit Danang, this is a very popular tourist destination amongst the Korean community. Vietnam is a very attractive destination for experiencing nature, people and culture. I really like Vietnam. Before I got the chance to work here, I had already visited Saigon.

Lauren Saucier from the USA

I really enjoyed visiting Mai Chau village in Hoa Binh province and Pu Luong in Thanh Hoa province. Meeting the local Vietnamese minorities who keep their culture even in today’s world which is pretty rare these days was a memorable experience. It was great that I had the opportunity to see so many friendly faces of the local people in Vietnam and observe how they live their lives.

Brent Hill from Australia

I spent two and a half weeks here in March, I really enjoyed the boat ride I took in Tam Coc, which was amazing. I really enjoyed Saigon also. Some trips that I remember the most were when I had the opportunity to go to places and eat what the locals were eating, the street food is amazing.

We had so much fun doing a scooter tour of Ho Chi Minh City, visiting all the districts and stopping for iced coffee, spring rolls, Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crispy crepes), flowers, and markets, all while negotiating the human river of traffic. This is the best way to get right into where the local Vietnamese are, which is really important for tourism and for Australians, who enjoy getting that authentic Vietnamese experience.

Lu Yuxiang from Taiwan (China)

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many wonderful places, but for me, Nha Trang and Vinh Phuc are the places where I have had the most memorable experiences. When I came to Nha Trang in 2018, I was first impressed by the spectacular landscapes and breathtaking boundless beaches with blue clear water where you can easily see the coral underneath.

What I cannot forget about Nha Trang is its kindness and enthusiasm people. I was alone taking a taxi from the city centre back to my hotel, but didn’t know the hotel name, I only remembered how it looked. I tried in vain to contact my fellow traveller. As a foreigner, it was a real struggle for me to communicate with the driver, but he was very nice, and patient and willing to drive around and help me to find the hotel while showing no unwelcoming expression.

After one and a half hours, we were able to reach to the hotel. Before leaving he even wished me good luck and I will never forget the smile on his face. This is one of the reasons that I love Vietnam very much.

Source: Time Out