February 23, 2020 05:37

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Many procedures not connected to the National Single Window

13:42 | 16/01/2020

VCN - In 2019, the goal for ministries and agencies was to connect 51 new procedures to the National Single Window (NSW), but so far only one third of the plan has been completed.

many proceduresnot connected to the national single window Granting certificates of origin via National Single Window mechanism to prevent trade fraud
many proceduresnot connected to the national single window The quantity of procedures and records processed through National Single Window increases
many proceduresnot connected to the national single window Remarkable points in the National Single Window Decree
many proceduresnot connected to the national single window
To achieve the goal of implementing the national single window mechanism, it requires higher efforts from ministries and sectors.

35,000 businesses participates

In 2019, the General Department of Customs - the Standing Agency of the National Steering Committee on ASEAN Single Window (ASW), NSW and trade facilitation (Commission 1899) continued to work with ministries and to unify operational processes anddevelop information technology systems to expand the implementation of new procedures through the NSW.

By the end of the year, 188 administrative procedures of 13 ministries and sectors were connected to the National Single Window, with over 2.7 million records of over 35,000 businesses.

According to the General Department of Customs, the implementation of the NSW brought remarkable results in administrative reform. Thereby, businesses do not have to directly work with each state agency to complete administrative procedures, helping to reduce costs and time for customs clearance.

At the same time, building an open and transparent administrative system, improving the competitiveness of businesses, improving the efficiency of state management, contributing to building the current e-government.

However, the remarkable point was the fact that the connection in 2019 failed to reach the target.

Specifically, according to the conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister VuongDinh Hue, Chairman of the Commission 1899 (at the Conclusion Notices No. 105 / TB-VPCP of March 22, 2019 and No. 292 / TB-VPCP of March 15) August 2019 of the Government Office), in 2019, ministries and agencies needed to deploy 61 new administrative procedures.

According to the review of ministries and sectors on the adjustment of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1254 / QD-TTg of September 26, 2018, the ministries reduced the number of procedures to be implemented in 2019 to 51.

So far, 15 of 51 procedures have been connected (29.4 percent), 22 of 51 procedures are in the connection process, thereby bringing the total connected procedures to 37 (72.5 percent). It is expected that 51 administrative procedures will be completed for theNSW by the end of the first quarter of 2020,

It is known that the handling of administrative procedures in 2019 through the NSW was still behind the plan set. Thus, ministries and sectors need to review and ensure the stable operation of the system, as well as expand the implementation, so the sources were scattered and did not completely focus on deploying new procedures.

Besides, for each administrative procedure, it takes at least 3-4 months to complete the steps when deploying to theNSW. In addition, the implementation of the NSW has more and more contents that need comprehensive legal reform and information technology. So, it takes a lot of time to review, develop and implement.

Actively implement ASW

2019 continued to recognize Vietnam's efforts in implementingthe ASW. Last year, the countryexchanged C / O form D with new countries of Brunei (from April 1, 2019) and Cambodia (from July 15, 2019). So far, our country has connected ASW with six countries in the region (previously Vietnam officially connected with four countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand from January 1, 2018).

By the end of 2019, the total C / O Vietnam received from ASEAN countries was 156,878, the total of C / O Vietnam sent to the countries was 194,058.

In addition, in December 2019, Vietnam piloted the connection with Myanmar and Laos and expected to officially connect with them in January 2020.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance (General Department of Customs) is working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to prepare technical conditions (to build pilot messages andconnection tests) to exchange information on ASEAN customs declarations (being piloted with Indonesia and Thailand) and plant quarantine certificates (being piloted with Indonesia).

many proceduresnot connected to the national single window It is neccessary to share information via National Single Window

VCN - The National Single Window (NSW) mechanism, ASEAN Single Window (ASW) has been implemented relatively widely ...

In addition, the Ministry of Finance is also coordinating with other ministries and agencies to negotiate to finalize the protocols, unify technical requirements and build systems to exchange customs declaration and certificates of origin with the Eurasian Economic Union (currently piloting the exchange of declaration information and VPN channel configuration); negotiate to exchange electronic C / O information with South Korea.

By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang