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Many innovations in developing Customs - Business partnerships

15:38 | 22/01/2019

VCN - Customs sector has been actively implementing the development of Customs-Business partnerships. In many local Customs units, many activities of Customs–Business partnership have been carried out in various forms.

many innovations in developing customs business partnerships Binh Duong Customs expands Customs – Business partnership
many innovations in developing customs business partnerships HCM City Customs signed cooperation agreement with customs broker
many innovations in developing customs business partnerships Developing Customs - business partnership: Rights and obligations of both parties
many innovations in developing customs business partnerships
Solutions to support law enforcement for businesses are implemented by the local Customs in a variety of forms. In the photo: Professional activities at the Customs Branch of Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone - Lien Chieu (Da Nang). Photo: N.Linh

With good synchronous implementation of 4 solutions (information, consultation, participation and cooperation), including performing the propagation, dissemination of law, guiding, supporting and answering questions from enterprises and receiving proposals and feedbacks from enterprises. At the same time, drastically implementing ruling and cooperation activities, for which the General Department of Customs has been highly appreciated by the business community for solutions and benefits that the cooperation mechanism brought to the two parties.

In the recent conference announcing the report on enterprises' satisfaction on implementing import and export administrative procedures in 2018, Mr. Dau Anh Tuan - Head of VCCI Legal Department said: The assessment of enterprises they approached for information quality of customs administrative procedures are quite positive, and have improved significantly compared to the 2015 survey. In 2018, 91% of respondents showed their approval, and absolute approval that information supply on customs procedures is unified (in 2015 this index was 77%), 90% said that Customs administrative information is available and easy to find (2015 it was 81%). Among the respondents, 89% said that the form is easy to fill (77% in 2015); 84% assessed the Customs authority provide information to enterprises quickly and promptly (in 2015 it was 71%).

However, there is still space for reform, for example, the 2018 survey revealed that although 76% of enterprises found that information on customs procedures is simple and easy to understand (60% in 2015), 24% still disagree with this statement, meaning that one out of every 5 businesses still have certain difficulties about Customs administrative procedures.

Typically, many units in developing Customs-Business partnerships, such as the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department, have built and developed partnerships with 3 groups of enterprises: the group with large import-export turnover; the FDI group; the import and export service group (customs agent, warehouse and port operators). In particular, specific activities have been deployed such as workshops seminars and conferences that satisfy the requirements of the reality for each group of enterprises, and direct meetings with enterprises to regularly listen and solve difficulties for enterprises.

In order to facilitate businesses in the Customs clearance, Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department implemented "one-time ruling and multiple use of the results for following times” if the declared price of the enterprise has not changed. The use of one-time ruling is to limit visits between enterprises and Customs, reducing costs and time for enterprises. In order to inform enterprises in a timely fashion, the Department has sent hundreds of letters informing business leaders about one time ruling information, which is one of the reform contents of the Finance sector and the Customs sector regarding ruling on taxable price.

Also, Dong Nai Customs Department printed leaflets in English to distribute to shipping agents, companies and employees of enterprises, to guide procedures for ships and means of transport upon arrival at the port; conducted surveys on the need for training skills for the development of partnerships with 5 associations, sub-associations and 29 key businesses to propose to Vietnam Customs school for a training plan in the coming time.

Not only supporting professional activities, the local customs units have signed a cooperation agreement with enterprises aiming to build partnerships with enterprises that have complied well with the customs law and are willing to cooperate with Customs and are eligible for the cooperation. In 2018, the whole sector signed a cooperation agreement with 8,244 enterprises.

At Quang Ninh Customs Department, the solutions to develop partnerships with businesses are very diverse. The unit organized an assessment of competitiveness index among Branches with the participation of the business community. Renovating the implementation method from business dialogue conferences to business forums with specific topics such as "Customs and Enterprises: commitments-action and development together". Accordingly, providing enterprises with easy access and exchange with Customs authority and vice versa, changing the view of enterprises for the efforts and determination of the Customs authority in administrative reform and Customs modernization, accompanying the enterprises.

Quang Ninh Customs Department also established and effectively operated the Information Support and Supply Team for enterprises (ISEC) to provide support to enterprises 24/7. Proposing solutions to provide information to the business community through Mail Server service ( and brand message SMS (HaiquanQN) to help enterprises actively access support information of the Customs authorities quickly and conveniently in addition to traditional methods such as direct visit to the Customs checkpoints, hotlines to update information, ... and at the same time helping to improve the propaganda of the Customs authority to the business community.

many innovations in developing customs business partnerships Developing Customs - Business Partnerships: Efforts from both sides

VCN- According to the General Department of Customs, the development of customs - businesses partnerships is consistent ...

In addition, in many local customs units, the Customs-Enterprises partnership have also been carrying out many various methods such as, seminars and direct meetings with enterprises to grasp information about the enterprises and accompany them to promptly solve difficulties and barriers that affect production, business, import and export activities.

Of notable merit, solutions to supporting law enforcement have been implemented by various methods such as: Propagating and disseminating legal policies; training operational skills; receiving and solving problems and reflections, complaints and denunciations; receiving and solving problems about operations. In particular, for the receiving and solving of problems about operations, they have been promptly guided by the Customs units. In which there are about 700 consultations on customs law and policies on taxation, value, C/O, automated customs clearance system, etc., in the Customs Newspaper and on the Customs portal.

In 2018, the provincial and municipal customs departments received and solved nearly 13,500 questions related to customs operations (via documents, face-to-face meetings, phone calls, seminars and conferences). Particularly, Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department received and solved 4,577 questions on taxation, value, classification, etc. Dong Nai Customs Department answered 1,701 questions through documents and phone calls, and 834 questions through the Customs information system.

By Ngoc Linh/ Huyen Trang