August 25, 2019 20:58

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Many creativities in post-customs clearance inspection

15:59 | 09/02/2019

VCN- At first, listening to a deep, gentle and inspiring voice, few thought he was a civil servant in post-clearance inspection. But, hidden inside is a person of bravery, creative, resolute in handling cases of infringing enterprises, contributing to preventing losses to the state budget (State budget). He is Tran Thanh Tinh, a civil servant of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs under the Ha Tinh Customs Department.

many creativities in post customs clearance inspection Post clearance audit in terms of Customs valuation within 30 days
many creativities in post customs clearance inspection Ho Chi Minh City Customs: Many solutions to reach 950 billion vnd from post-clearance audit
many creativities in post customs clearance inspection Prevent lower valuations by post-clearance audit
many creativities in post customs clearance inspection
Mr. Tran Thanh Tinh, officer of post-clearance inspection Department, Ha Tinh Customs Department


When we asked about the advantages and disadvantages for staff working in economic and social affairs, especially with regard to the economic and social work at Ha Tinh Customs Department, Mr. Dao Xuan An, Director of post-clearance inspection Sub-Department shared, in the last years, the import-export enterprises at the border gate are mainly small and medium ones, while the majority of enterprises participating in import and export at seaports account for a large amount of turnover and revenue. Therefore, errors in customs procedures as well as tax policies often focus on foreign-invested enterprises to implement bidding packages for Formosa Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Company Limited.

According to Mr. Dao Xuan An, currently on the customs professional information systems serving the economic and social affairs, there are many difficulties, the database is lacking and not connected. The source of information inside is lacking, the external information source is weaker, in which the coordination of information verification and information related to enterprises and goods ... between departments has not been specified.

Grasping the difficulties and limitations in the work as well as having a quality economic quota and limiting the limitations of the customs information system, Mr. Tran Thanh Tinh, an officer of the post-clearance inspection Department under the Customs Department of Ha Tinh has boldly proposed to the unit leader to carry out the economic and social work according to the target management, taking advantage of the departments where enterprises open their declarations, coordinating with the Department of post-clearance inspection or directly working with the tax authorities, enterprise management, Department of Planning and Investment, Public Security, Market Management ... to capture and filter information correctly. After grasping the information, he and his colleagues continue to sit down to analyze and refine the information to decide whether or not the enterprise is wrong. In case of determining 95% of enterprises have wrongdoing, he reports to the head of the Branch to make an inspection decision for that enterprise.

With this approach, in 2018, the post-clearance inspection Department conducted 17 tests, reaching 131% of the target; tax assessment, late payment penalty and administrative violations, remittance to the budget with the amount of over 9.4 billion VND.

Experience from successful cases, Mr. Tinh confided: "According to the regulation, the time to apply for a post-clearance inspection is 10 days, if it is a simple case, there is no problem, but for big and complex cases, enterprises with many import and export activities related to many questions about price, code, and C/O violations, we cannot finish the inspection process to make conclusions within time. Therefore, we often have to go to learn, review and collect business information from before. After having the result of "holding in the hand of victory", we have only reported the unit leader to make the inspection decision before the time is set".

Having 20-year experience in the industry, up to 18 years working in the profession, Mr. Tran Thanh Tinh said that the database of the Customs industry should be information rich and connected so that civil servants can directly do the work of exploiting quick and deep searches of information related to enterprises. In particular, civil servants who directly do this work must be enhanced and deeply trained in professional fields of work.

Before the farewell to the unit when the year 2018 was over and the Spring season was approaching, the Head of the Department of National Economics and Planning Dao Xuan An told me: “In 2019, the unit continues to maintain the way of collecting information and applies this process of Mr. Tran Thanh Tinh. We hope that in 2019 this method will bring more efficiency, the unit strives to pay the state budget more than 9.5 billion VND.”

By Le Bui/ Huu Tuc