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Many anti-drug solutions implemented at An Giang border

18:14 | 03/06/2019

VCN- On May 24, the symposium on “Assessing the situation of transport and trade of drug in the area of operation of An Giang Customs Department and measures to enhance the struggle of drug” was held by An Giang Customs Department. The functional departments have launched many solutions to tackle drugs at the border.

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many anti drug solutions implemented at an giang border
26 kg of narcotics seized by Customs and other forces on April 13, 2019

The complex area

At the workshop, professional units focused on assessing the situation and tricks of drug criminals in recent years to raise vigilance and sense of responsibility for all officials and public servants in the unit. Along with that, they discussed plans to prevent, fight and use professional measures to arrest drug traffickers in the area of​​ customs operation.

According to the anti-smuggling forces of Steering Committee 389 in An Giang, drug crime continued to be complicated, with the criminal acts increasingly reckless and sophisticated. Therefore, the struggle with this crime meets many difficulties.

Forces have discovered many organisations and inter-provincial drug haul from Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces to An Giang province for consumption and transfer to other places. The suspects take advantage of the road traffic system, the service of transporting and send goods by mail, and businesses that have to meet the requirements of security and order (discotheques, bars and residence establishments) to act as a place of transaction. Functional forces fought with this crime to control crime and drug evils.

After many major drug cases were discovered in Ho Chi Minh City and some southern provinces, the leaders of An Giang Customs Department warned that there will be an increase in drug crime at the An Giang border especially at the Khanh Binh border area so the customs forces should pay attention and take measures to fight and prevent drug crimes.

Before that, on April 13, Team 6, Department of Anti-Smuggling Investigation - General Department of Customs; An Giang Customs Department, C04- Ministry of Public Security, PC04- Police Department of An Giang Province, Team 3- Division of Border Guard Command, Coast Guard coordinated to arrest many suspects and 26 kg of drugs transported from Cambodia to Vietnam.

Using dogs for drug detection

With the long border area, to get the best results in the work of drug prevention, Deputy Director of An Giang Customs Department Nguyen Tan Buu said that leaders of units take responsibility to disseminate the content of Notice No.455/TB-BTC dated April 26, 2019 of the Ministry of Finance announcing the Minister's directing opinions on strengthening drug control to civil servants in the Customs industry.

It is necessary to grasp the situation and operational methods and tricks of drug offenders to raise awareness and sense of responsibility of civil servants in the unit for all officials in drug prevention of Customs industry and An Giang Customs Department.

In addition, the units strengthened forces to inspect and supervise various types of vehicles, means of goods transport and means of passengers transport across borders.

Every day, professional dogs and specialised equipment must be used in the inspection of vehicles across the border to detect and seize drugs.

It should be paid attentionto exploit professional information on VNACCS / VCIS system, following closely the Planning No. 170 / KH-TCHQ on August 19, 2014 of the General Department of Customs on the control of the electronic clearance system VNACCS/VCIS aiming to aid the fight against smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods, illegally transporting narcotics. Plan No.1554/KH-HQAG of An Giang Customs Department is used to timely detect high risky consignments likely to have concealed drugs in themto coordinate with other forces to arrest and handle.

Implementing professional control measures makes the control of drug prevention and combat effective; focusing on collection and analysis of information, basic investigation and verification of suspects related to drug transport and trade across borders.

An Giang Customs Department also said it is necessary to strengthen coordination with the drug prevention force of the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department - General Department of Customs, the anti-drug control forces of the Border Guard, An Giang Provincial Police to find plans and use professional measures to capture drug traffickers and traders in customs operation areas.

By Le Thu/Quynh Lan