March 31, 2020 14:25

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Make efforts to improve cross-border trade transaction index

19:17 | 24/03/2020

VCN- In 2020, to achieve the goal of raising the cross-border trade transaction index by 5-10 places, the inter-sectoral working group continues to expand its scope of operation and take measures to improve the cross-border trade transaction index.

make efforts to improve cross border trade transaction index
Customs operation at the North Thang Long Industrial Park Customs Branch. Photo: N.L


Improve operational efficiency of customs

In the Government’s Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 1, 2019 on major measures to improve the business environment and national competitiveness in 2019 with orientations to 2021, the Government assigns the Ministry of Finance to act as the focal point to be responsible for indicators to raise the cross-border trade transaction index (A8) with the goal of increasing it by 3-5 places in 2019 and 10-15 places in 2021. 

To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Finance (the General Department of Vietnam Customs) has worked with ministries, sectors and business associations to establish an inter-sectoral working group to take measures to improve the index with the key task of conducting a survey on Vietnam's cross-border trade transaction index in 2019, and deployed solutions to raise the index.

According to the Customs Reform and Modernisation Board, in 2019, the GDVC has actively implemented solutions to improve the operational efficiency of customs authorities, promoted publicity and support to obtain the goal.

Perfecting mechanisms and policies towards transparency and in accordance with FTAs, agreements on trade facilitation,Customs Law, Tax Administration Law, Import and Export Tax Law and other relevant laws; removing difficulties and problems arising, meetingrequirements of completing the model of electronic and modern customs procedures. Customs has expanded e-tax payment 24/7 and deployed the pre-authorized tax payment program. At the same time, promoting and enhancing the efficiency of IT application, building and completing the scheme to re-design the entire Customs information and technology systemto meet the requirements of smart and comprehensive administration; strengthen modernization of equipment for customs inspection and supervision.

Currently, 42 banks have coordinated with the GDVC in revenue collection with total revenue via the e-tax payment system reaching 97.1%.

The GDVC continues to improve its capacity and efficiency through risk management and enterprise compliance management; perfect mechanisms of application of risk management in customs operations to meet the goal of harmonizing trade facilitation and improving management efficiency. In addition, it expands the application of the Vietnam automated system for Seaport Customs Management (VASSCM) at 33 of 35 municipal and provincial customs departments with the participation of 416 operators of warehouses, seaports, yards andbonded warehouses.

Expanding the survey of key industries

In 2020, the inter-sectoral working group will deploy solutions to improve the cross-border trade transaction index and continue to review and revise the plan for implementation of solutions to improve the index. Monitor and urge ministries and sectors to actively implement measures to improve the index; study and develop the Action Plan for 2020-2023,ensuringa consistent and continuous implementation. 

Regarding the cross-border trade transaction index in 2020, the World Bank will select two items including imported car components (HS8708) and exported electrical machinery and equipment (HS85) for survey.

Theinter-sectoral working group will expand the scope of the survey for key industries. On that basis, researching and redesigning the survey questionnaire and questions in a practical and specific manner to identify subjects and shortcomings in each stage to provide solutions for handling. Of which, it focuses on surveying businesses and business associations through the direct and indirect method. On the other hand, it coordinates with the Trade Facilitation project (TFP), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to conduct surveys, research and develop information technology software to conduct surveys in the near future.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan