July 10, 2020 19:12

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Long An: Smuggling has potential to increase again

09:57 | 30/05/2020

VCN- The statement was made by the Steering Committee 389 of Long An province in the report on smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods in the first five months of the year.

long an smuggling has potential to increase again Owing more than VND3 billion in tax, an enterprise fled its place of business
long an smuggling has potential to increase again Transforming positively in revenue collection at Long An Customs Department
long an smuggling has potential to increase again Smuggled cigarettes increase at Southwest border area in the pandemic
long an smuggling has potential to increase again
Drugs seized at KienTuong Border on May 26.

According to the Steering Committee 389 of Long An province, after ending social distancing, production and business establishments resume their operation, the goods market, goods production and transportation and import-export also increase. The production and trafficking of fake goods, low-quality goods, trade fraud and smuggling across the border gate in Long An province are forecasted to increase in the near future. 

Recently, the smuggling acrossborder routes has shown signs of increasing. Competent agencies in the province haveconstantly detected and handledcigarette smuggling cases with large volumes. Notably, after a period of decreasing, the transportation of drugs has resumed. On May 26, Long An competent forces arrested a suspect transporting nearly 21kg of drugs at the border gate of Kien Tuong town. This suspect not only carried drugs but also carried three guns and 25 bullets. Earlier, the competent forces seized dozens of tobacco shipments in large voulme.

Also, the Steering Committee 389 of Long An province, in May, competent agencies dealt with 160 cases of smuggling, increasing by 20 cases compared to April.

The Border Guards detected 39 cases and 48,890 foreign cigarette packs, temporarily seized 20 cars and onemotor boat. 

It coordinated with the Police force of the district and commune to handlefour cases and one suspecttransporting banned and smuggled goods, seizing 2,830 cigarette packs, one car and six motorcycles.

The Police force detected 109 cases of trafficking and transporting of banned and smuggled goods, seized 170,240 foreign cigarette packs, 750kg of sugar; eight cars, 74 motorcycles and two motorboats; handled 11 suspects and fined administration violation of VND20 million, prosecuted six of eight suspects transporting and storing foreign cigarettes.

“After ending social distancing, smuggling activities in the border route in Long An province havebeen controlled. Border-crossings and border routes have been strictly patrolled and controlled by competent forces. However, some people still abuse the night to transport smuggled goods into inland markets. The major smuggled goods across the border in May 2020 is cigarettes,”said the Steering Committee 389 of Long An Province.