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Long An Province quickly respond to the problem that was reflected on Customs News

18:20 | 27/11/2017

VCN – After Customs News reflected the situation of smuggling cigarette that tends to break out again in the border area of Duc Hue, Long An province, Chairman of the People Committee of Long An province issued a document to direct competent units in the area to strengthen the work of anti-smuggling.

long an province quickly respond to the problem that was reflected on customs news
Camouflage cigarettes for transportation across borders. Photo: A gathering point of smuggled cigarette on the other side of My Quy Tay border gate, Duc Hue district, Long An province. Photo: Nguyen Hue

Specifically, in the document No. 5288 / UBND-NC dated 21/11/2017 of the People's Committee of Long An province on checking the situation of smuggling through the Customs News's reflections, citing sources reflected by the Customs News in the article " Long An: smuggled cigarettes breaking out again and more reckless ", issued on 16/11/2017,Chairman of Long An province assigned Industry and Trade Department – Permanent Steering Committee 389 of Long An province coordinated with the relevant competent authorities to check the situation in order to have plan for strengthening the control in the area. Furthermore, advising the provincial People's Committee to issue a document to direct competent forces promote the anti-smuggling in the coming time, especially from now until Lunar New Year.

As the information published by Customs News, the situation of smuggling cigarettes on the borders of Long An province is still complicated. Particularly, at Duc Hue border area, there are many new smugglers who are very active causing many difficulties for the work of anti-smuggling of the competent forces in the area.

By Nguyễn Huế/Thanh Thuy