August 15, 2018 11:49

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Long An Customs seized 1,230 packs of smuggled cigarettes

16:29 | 29/01/2018

VCN - Long An Customs Department said that the unit has coordinated with Border Defense forces to detect and seize a case of smuggling cigarettes in Binh Hiep International border gate, Kien Tuong town, Long An province.

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Smuggled cigarettes were seized by Binh Hiep Customs Branch.

Specifically, on 22/1, at the area in the east near Integrated Control Station of Binh Hiep International Border Gate, within the operation area of Customs, Binh Hiep Customs Branch and Long An Customs Department coordinated with the closely situated Integrated Control Station at Binh Hiep International Border Gate to detect two Cambodian women carrying many black plastic bags into Vietnam when they were going on patrol.

When the subjects saw the competent force, they tried to escape toward Cambodia and left three plastic bags. Then the competent force conducted an inspection and discovered inside 3 nylon packs with a large quantity of foreign cigarettes. In that, there were 500 packs of Jet cigarettes, 540 packs of Hero cigarettes, 100 packs of Caraven cigarette and 90 packs of Ram cigarettes. The total quantity was 1,230 packs.

Binh Hiep Customs Branch issued a decision on temporary seizure of those cigarettes for handling according to the provisions of law.

By Nguyễn Huế/Thanh Thuy