November 19, 2018 04:12

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Long An: An FDI enterprise was imposed tax of nearly 7.9 billion VND

10:19 | 06/05/2018

VCN – Long An Customs Department issued a decision of imposing a tax up to 7.9 billion VND for importing goods for export production by a FDI enterprise in the area. The reason is that the enterprise violated regulations in using and managing material for export production.

tin nhap 20180503084436
Professional activities at Long An Customs Department. Photo: Nguyễn Huế

Long An Customs Department said that through the inspection of a FDI enterprise headquartered in Can Duoc district (Long An province), the unit found out that the enterprise had committed violations of regulations on the delivery of raw materials for export production to another processing establishment without informing the customs authorities. In addition, this enterprise also violated regulations on management of raw materials and materials for export production, thus leading to the fact that quantity of goods in stock was different (surplus or deficit) as compared with the dossiers of export or import goods.

For the above reasons, Long An Customs Department issued the decision of imposing tax for goods items which were imported raw materials for export production, registered for customs clearance at the Ben Luc Customs Branch - Long An Customs Department from 2014 to 2018 with the total tax amount of over 7.9 billion VND. In that, the amount of import tariff was nearly 4.7 billion VND and the VAT was over 3.2 billion VND.

By Nguyễn Huế/Thanh Thuy