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Local authorities proposed to merge 3, 4 tax departments into regional tax departments

19:27 | 12/07/2018

VCN- The entire tax department is trying to merge the tax departments just to ensure the plan as well as ensure fairness, publicity and transparency. Mr. Vi Thanh Son, Deputy Director of Personnel Department, had a talk with the media about this issue.

local authorities proposed to merge 3 4 tax departments into regional tax departments
In 2018, 327 tax divisions of districts, towns and cities will be merged into 154 tax departments. Photo: TL.

According to the roadmap, in 2018, 327 district tax offices will be merged into 154 tax offices (reducing 173 tax offices). While the workload is high and time is short, how will the General Department of Taxation implement this plan and how to ensure the correct route, sir?

To implement the arrangements of the tax department, right after the Central Committee issued Resolution No. 18-NQ/TW. Implementing the direction of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation has taken seriously and actively implemented the research and development of the merger scheme and reorganization of the regional tax departments.

Over the past time, the General Department of Taxation has promulgated a detailed plan for implementing the plan of the Ministry of Finance by setting up the Steering Committee for the reorganization and merger of tax offices, and at the same time directing the provincial/municipal Tax Departments to set up steering committees of the provincial/municipal Tax Departments to direct the implementation thereof. At the same time, the General Department of Taxation also coordinates with the Organization and Personnel Department of the Ministry of Finance to conduct surveys at taxation offices in all regions in the country to grasp the concerns, aspirations, difficulties, and difficulties in the process of sorting and merging.

For the localities to deploy smoothly, the General Department of Taxation has also guided the tax departments to develop a scheme to set up a regional tax office. With the high political will of the whole sector, the establishment of the tax office will be implemented in accordance with the schedule.

The merging of tax offices has been studied and developed into a project to ensure that the new tax office has to operate better and more effectively in terms of organizational structure, combination of human resources to implement. Streamlining the staffing, reducing the handling fees of the tax office while still creating more favorable conditions for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations to the State budget.

In the course of implementation, the General Department of Taxation has assigned the localities to study and propose plans for merger and integration of tax offices, which must firstly be based on natural geographic factors, taking into account cultural factors, calendar and other conditions. Therefore, the arrangement and merging of tax departments is not only done by two tax departments, even some proposed merging 3, 4 local departments to improve the efficiency after the arrangement and ensure favorable operation.

The merger of tax departments is primarily a reduction in the organizational clout, which will immediately reduce the number of chief leaders (department heads and team leaders). For the number of deputy leaders (Deputies Department heads and Deputies Team leaders), in the immediate future, it is possible to keep the same amount as before the merger. In the long run, there will be a roadmap to arrange the number of deputies in accordance with the law.

For the number of employees in the regional tax departments, it is firstly determined by the number of civil servants of the departments before the merger. After this, we will study and have a plan to redefine the appropriate payroll to ensure the streamlining and reduction.

In the process of grafting, how do material facilities work and where will tax transactions be organized so as not to affect the work of serving people and businesses daily?

In the process of formulating a scheme on merging tax offices to set up regional tax offices, up to 3 transaction relationships shall be considered as follows: Tax offices - Taxpayers (individuals and enterprises); Tax offices with concerned agencies in their respective localities; Internal tax authorities.

It focuses on the relationship between tax agencies and taxpayers in the spirit of not raising tax-related administrative procedures for taxpayers; It does not increase time as well as taxpayers’ travel expenses in dealing with tax authorities.

Therefore, in the immediate future, a section for receiving and handling administrative procedures for taxpayers in the localities of their former head offices shall be maintained so as to ensure the convenience of the tax offices in carrying out procedures and performing the taxation tasks of taxpayers.

At the same time, the tax branch will continue to promote the application of information technology in tax declaration, electronic tax payment, cutting administrative procedures to create favorable conditions for taxpayers. When the information technology work satisfies the electronicization of tax administrative procedures, the taxation department shall calculate the reorganization of the working offices in the locality in a compact manner in order to save money. At the same time, the operation of the tax office would be normal and taxpayers would be better and better served.

The arrangement of the subdivision is being strongly deployed by the Taxation sector. So, what is the outcome that the taxation sector expect in the end?

The combination of tax departments together will have the effect of reducing the focal point and improving management effectiveness. This will also be the basis for reorganizing the apparatus; rearranging personnel, streamlining the staff to improve the quality of civil servants.

Especially, on the basis of summing up the practical assessment, it will be an important basis for developing the provincial-level tax agency organizing scheme Project in accordance with the direction of the Central Resolution.

Thank you Sir!

By Thuỳ Linh/ Huu Tuc