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Large amount of prohibited goods seized at Long An border

10:01 | 07/06/2019

VCN – Early on June 1, 2019, at Binh Hiep border area, Long An province, Unit 3, Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, General Department of Vietnam Customs stopped and seized two large trucks transporting banned goods.

large amount of prohibited goods seized at long an border
The scene of inspecting two trucks transporting banned goods at headquarters of Long An Customs Department. Photo: Nguyễn Huế.

According to information provided by Unit 3, local residents say the Binh Hiep border area often has trucks carrying smuggled goods from Cambodia to Vietnam for consumption.

large amount of prohibited goods seized at long an border
Large amount of used air-conditioners was transported from Cambodia to Vietnam. Photo: Nguyễn Huế

After reconnaissance combined with professional measures, at 23:40 pm on May 31, a working group of Unit 3 discovered a truck with license plate 66C -03901 travelling at high speed to the area on Highway 62. The truck raised suspicions so it was pursued by competent forces.

When pursuing the truck to the Chim market area in Thanh Hoa district, Long An province, the working group asked the driver to stop for inspection. As a result, officers found the truck full of second-hand clothes.

During the inspection, the driver was unable to present invoices and documents related to the goods. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and control over the evidence, officers asked the driver to go to the head office of Long An Customs Department.

Through initial inspection, the competent forces identified that the goods were second-hand clothes and footwear on the list of prohibited goods banned from import. There were also a few items that were new. The majority of goods were branded Armani and originated from Cambodia.

large amount of prohibited goods seized at long an border
Hundreds of sacks containing second-hand clothes and footwear were transported through Long An border to inland. Photo: Nguyễn Huế

At the same time, the second working group of Unit 3 discovered a truck with license plate 51C-49881 travelling from the border of Vinh Hung district (Long An) stopped on a road near the Binh Hiep port Customs Branch. It showed suspicious signs of transporting illegal goods from Cambodia to Vietnam.

The working group announced the decision to examine the vehicle. At the time of examination, the driver, Mr. Doan Tri Dung, did not present full invoices to prove the legality of the goods.

Mr. Dung claimed that he was hired to transport the goods from Long An province to Le Van Khuong Street, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

Due to the poor light, the working group asked the driver to take the vehicle and all goods to the Long An Customs Department headquarters in Tan An city for further examination.

According to the preliminary inspection, all goods on the vehicle were used air conditioners of brands originating from Japan which were on the list of goods banned from import.

Currently, the case is being investigated and handled by competent forces.

By Nguyễn Huế/Thanh Thuy