July 10, 2020 19:02

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Lao Bao Customs prosecutes case of illegally transporting over 57 tonnes of rice

19:56 | 28/05/2020

VCN – On May 26, Lao Bao Customs Branch (Quang Tri Customs Department) issued Decision 215 on prosecuting a case of illegally transporting rice which occured at Lao Bao International Border Gate (Quang Tri province) and transferred all dossiers and exhibits to the Investigation Police Agency, Huong Hoa District Police for further investigation and clarification.

Sacks of rice were camouflaged

Previously, on April 16, through the collection and processing of information, Manager of Lao Bao Customs Branch decided to stop taking goods to the supervision area. At the same time, coordinating with Lao Bao International Border Post and inspect goods of Duc Long Tien Limited Company.

After conducting physical inspection for all exported shipments of Duc Long Tien Company which was carried on trucks with license plates 74C-077.26 and 74R-003.40, the competent force detected four items failing to make declaration as precribed, including 200 packs of nata de coco branded Trung Tin; 670 packs of ordinary rice; 428 packs of sticky rice and 50 packs of broken rice (total weight was 57.3 tonnes of rice).

Representative of Duc Long Tien Company and related parties could not present vouchers or documents to prove the legality of the four items mentioned above.

Especially, at the time of detecting violations, the items of ordinary rice and sticky rice were under sub-heading of 1006.30 which were subject to suspension from export (according to Notification No.121/TB-VPCP dated March 23, 2020 annoucing the conclusion of the Prime Minister).

By Quang Hùng/Thanh