August 25, 2019 20:28

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Lang Son: Smuggled goods are absent at trail and tracks

12:49 | 22/04/2019

VCN- On the tracks and trails around Tan Thanh and Coc Nam Border Gates, the smuggling and illegal transportation of goods and transporters are absent.  

lang son smuggled goods are absent at trail and tracks Lang Son Customs: on duty 24/24 at trails and pathways
lang son smuggled goods are absent at trail and tracks Lang Son Customs: Proactively exchange information for handling export goods sticking at border gate
lang son smuggled goods are absent at trail and tracks Lang Son Customs: drastically prevent smuggled firecrackers at the end of the year
lang son smuggled goods are absent at trail and tracks
Contraband Transporters at KeoHill are absent.

Smuggling reduces at border gates

According to Vietnam Customs newspaper’s reporter, the absence of smuggling at Vietnam-China border gate is thanks to the efforts of the agencies of Vietnam and China to strengthen efforts to prevent smuggling. Four months since the Investigation Police Department on Corruption, Economic and Smuggling and the Mobile Police Command (Ministry of Public Security) tackled a huge smuggling case at Cao Lau commune, Cao Loc district, Lang Son province, although the smuggling hasnot widely taken place, it has still taken place in some “hot” areas. Competent agencies of Lang Son province haveadded officers to patrol tracks and trails.

According to Steering Board 389 of Lang Son province, in the first quarter of 2019, agencies seized 1,508 cases of smuggling, transporting banned goods, smuggled goods, trade fraud, and counterfeit goodsvalued at 22 billion VND. Lang Son Customs Department handled 173 violation cases valued at 8.4 billion VND. The Department sanctioned 130 administrative violation cases, contributed 2.2 billion VND to the state budget; prosecuted twocriminal cases with the worth of infringing goods of 5.1 billion VND and transferred cases to the Investigation Police Department - Lang Son provincial Police.

Recently, many kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables such as passion fruit and durian that are not in the list of goods subject exported to China have congested border gates, causing obstacles for border security management of Vietnam and China and losses of taxes and fees. However, during waiting for negotiation results between the ministries of agriculture of the two countries to remove obstacles for import and export enterprises, traders still transport goods via tracks and trails into China. Facing this situation, the Border Guard and Customs forces have closely controlledtracks and trails to prevent illegal immigration and transportation across border gates.

lang son smuggled goods are absent at trail and tracks
Border Guard and Customs forces have established checkpoints near border gates. Photo: H.N

Mobilising forces to prevent contraband

Nguyen Cong Truong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of Steering Committee 389 of Lang Son province, said the committee requested forces to strengthen border inspection and control, especially over people who illegally immigrate, smuggle and transport goods. Accordingly, Lang Son Border Guard equipped 10 canvas shelter and 40 beds at checkpoints and performed their duties 24 hours a day at key tracks and trails, especially Tan Thanh and Tan My communes, Van Lang district.

The representative of Tan Thanh Border Guard Station said that the Station added 30 soldiers to perform 24 hours a day at “hot” sites such as Ba Lan, GocNhan, Kho Da and Tan Thanh commune. It also established working teams to regularly and randomly patrol roundabout ways to prevent contraband transportation and ensure security in the area.

Lang Son Border Guard has established a mobile force including 36 specialisedsoldiers, six sniffing dogs and three cars divided into three groups for Tan Thanh and Huu Nghi Border Guard Station to fight against smuggling, trade fraud and illegal transportation across border gates.

Lang Son Customs Department has taken measures to prevent smuggling and trade fraud. It has requested customs units at border gates to assign officers to participate in provincial interdisciplinary inspection teams to deploy customs inspection and coordinate with other competent agencies. During carrying out Customs procedures for import and export goods with high risk, these units need to strengthen inspection and supervision to promptly detect, fight, arrest and handle violations.

Vy Cong Tuong, Deputy Director of Lang Son Customs Department said the Department has directed Customs Enforcement Team to arrange officers and add means for Tan Thanh Customs Branch to supervise and prevent at tracks and trails at border area next to China.

Tan Thanh Customs has cooperated with the Police and Border guard forces to build shelters performing 24/24 hour and assign from fourto sixofficers who are on duty to prevent smuggling.

According to Tan Thanh Customs Branch (Lang Song Customs Department), the import and export tax revenue from 9 March to 1 April reached 5.6 billion VND higher than the revenue from the beginning of the year to 8 March. This figure has shown the success in preventing smuggling by competent agencies in Tan Thanh Border Gate.

By Dao Le /Ngoc Loan