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Lang Son: discovered 3,800 case of smuggling and trade fraud

13:34 | 17/08/2018

VCN – According to Steering Committee 389 Lang Son, in seven months, the province has detected over 3,800 cases of smuggling and trade fraud, up 36.8% over the same period. The units also prosecuted 257 cases with 357 subjects.

tin nhap 20180816140845
Tan Thanh Customs - Border Defense force coordinated with each other to go on patrol at the border area. Photo: H.Nụ

In that, 2,600 cases of administration violations have been sanctioned, the amount of fines for administrative violations and tax arrears has been lodged to the state budget by over 28 billion VND. The value of confiscated goods was estimated at over 32 billion VND.

Particularly, in July, Lang Son Customs has detected and handled over 385 cases of violations with an estimated value of over 4.85 billion VND. In that, there were 298 case of customs administrative violations in which the value was over 4.1 billion VND; 76 cases of smuggling goods across the border with the value of 831.46 million VND; 5 cases of violation in which 73.9 kg of firecrackers were seized; in collaboration with Tan Thanh Border Station to seize 4 cases of illegal transportation and collected 465 kg of firecrackers and 100 kg of pangolins. The sale proceeds of confiscated goods that have been lodged to state budget was 592.66 million VND, and prosecuted 1 case where the estimated value was 435.35 million VND.

Moreover, according to the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son, the situation of smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods is still occurring and it always has complicated seasonal developments in some border areas. The smuggled items are mainly clothing products, household electrical appliances, electronics, cosmetics, poultry and livestock products ... in that many items were counterfeit goods and of fake origin.

Additionally, the trade frauds activities were mainly taking advantage of the leak in customs procedures in order to make false declarations of quantity and types for smuggling and trade frauds; In the inland area, the subjects often take advantage of the customers’ trust by cheating on quantity and quality...; Cheating on price of goods which was written on the invoice.

According to representatives of the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son, in recent time, the competent forces in the area have deployed several plans in order to prevent smuggling activities, illegal goods transportation across borders, trade fraud and counterfeit goods. Many major specialized anti-drug projects were closed; Many special projects on strengthening the fight against smuggling, trade frauds, counterfeit goods, prohibited goods, such as counterfeit money, firecrackers, support tools ... were promoted; The production and trading of counterfeit goods and non-conformity goods in the categories of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, supplementary foods and traditional medicine have be inspected, controlled and promptly prevented.

However, the carrying and transportation of smuggled goods is still complicated and developing in some cross-border trails; The situation of trade fraud through the activities of temporary import and re-export, import-export, border gate to border gate transportation, fraudulence of goods origin, ... are increasingly using sophisticated methods and tricks in order to escape the competent forces’ notice. Thus the forces have faced many difficulties in inspecting and arresting.

In the domestic market, some types of business such as internet sales, multi-level marketing, point of sale for foreigners,… are not managed strictly. Thus the risk of causing loss of revenue is very high. It could cause feelings of disgust among people as well as difficulties in the state management.

In the future, the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son will continue to direct the forces to strengthen inspection and control of open trails, warehouses and yards; Strictly controlling import and export activities, halting the establishment of lines and complex smuggling points and trade frauds in the locality; To continue well, performing the investigation and identification of illegal residents in border areas who are taking advantage of illegal entry and exit into the country for smuggling.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy