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Lang Son Customs: Strengthen inspection of food safety

08:04 | 05/10/2017

VCN – In order to enhance inspection and control low-quality food item especially in the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Lang Son Customs Department has directed its units to inspect on export condition, the origin of goods, inspection results of goods quality,…

lang son customs enhance to inspect food safety items
Coc Nam Customs officials inspected imported candy from China. Photo: H.Nụ

In the third quarter of 2017, Lang Son Customs has processed nearly 500 tons of agricultural products, confectionery, milk, seafood products, an estimated value nearly $US 600 million to the Chinese market; Import procedures for agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits ... with an estimated value of over $US 30 million.

During this time, Lang Son Customs has coordinated with other competent forces to seize and handle violations of food safety including 6,500 breeds smuggled chicken, 150 pigeons (valued by $US 60 million); Detect and seize 100 kg of a frozen meal, 650 kg of pig’s tripes without origin. The number of smuggled goods fails to ensure food hygiene and safety have been confiscated and handed over to the quarantine offices for destruction in accordance with regulations.

For import goods that are subjected to food quality, hygiene and safety control, the Customs Branch have to request to register for inspection and to be granted certificates of Food Hygiene and Safety before clearance. At the same time, in order to intensify the inspection and supervision of imported goods which have been declared as food items, Lang Son Customs has concentrated on inspecting the import conditions, the origin of goods and inspection results of goods quality inspection…

The anti-smuggling force and Lang Son Customs risk management information collection unit were instructed to intensify the information collection of goods to actively coordinate with the local competent forces. So that they can timely detect, seize, strictly handle cases related to low-quality food. To promptly detect, prevent and handle goods without quarantine, medical or goods failed to ensure food hygiene and safety or goods of unclear origin.

Besides that, Lang Son Customs also intensified propaganda to border residents about food hygiene and safety, mobilize people not to transport food of unknown origin, low-quality goods.

By Mai Loan (Lang Son Customs Department)/Thanh Thuy