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Lang Son Customs: Proactively exchange information for handling export goods sticking at border gate

16:37 | 13/01/2019

VCN – Lang Son Customs Department directed Huu Nghi Customs Branch and Tan Thanh Customs Branch to proactively contact and exchange information with competent authorities at the Chinese Customs site, in order to find a solution for handling the situation of exported goods stuck at the border gate.

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Goods are waiting for export at Tan Thanh border gate. Photo: H.Nụ

According to the information of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province, in the last day of 2018, at Huu Nghi and Tan Thanh border gates, a traffic jam occurred with vehicles transporting import-export goods.

Customs News reporters conducted an interview with Mr. Hoang Khanh Hoa, Director of Lang Son Customs Department about this issue. Through the exchange, Mr. Hoang Khanh Hoa said that the cause of congestion at Huu Nghi border gate is because the Bang Tuong Customs (China) is conducting strict quarantines for seafood, agricultural products and products from livestock originating from Vietnam imported into China (goods must be on the list of goods allowed to import into China, so that the Chinese Customs can proceed with customs declaration). At the same time, the Chinese side also tightly controlled the registration of traceability, certification and quarantine certificates as required; checking and comparing quarantine certificates of Vietnamese authorities. In particular, the Chinese side also took on-site samples to detect harmful subjects for the imported goods from Vietnam...

According to Lang Son Customs Department, besides the application of 5 inspection and control measures for imported goods, the Chinese Customs authorities also took photos and took the driver's fingerprints in order to strengthen and unify the control for means of transport entering and leaving China.

Facing with the Chinese Customs authorities increased tight management of agricultural and aquatic products imported from Vietnam, that had affected and caused the stagnant goods at Huu Nghi border gate, Lang Son Customs Department directed the Huu Nghi Customs Branch to actively contact and exchange information with the management board of Bang Tuong, Quang Tay and China bonded zones related to the situation of congestion of means of transport on entry and exit, in order to agree on a solution plan. Accordingly, at the meeting with the Chinese authorities, the Huu Nghi Customs Branch proposed that the Chinese side should increase the working time up to 8:00PM (Hanoi time). At the same time, it is recommended that the Chinese side should overcome technical measures in order to reduce the impact on the time of cargo clearance between the two partners.

At Tan Thanh border gate, according to Mr. Hoang Khanh Hoa, at the sub-border gates managed by Tan Thanh Customs Branch, there is a situation of congestion of exported goods through the area. In particular, congested goods are mainly in the form of temporary import and re-export, and goods stored in bonded warehouse (frozen food, wine, pistachio nuts, almonds ...). The cause of cargo congestion is the tightening of management over the above items. According to the announcement from Chinese partners for Vietnamese enterprises, the Chinese partners have not received the goods yet through the border gates managed by Tan Thanh Customs Department.

In order to remove this problem, Lang Son Customs Department also requested Tan Thanh Customs Department to continue to coordinate with relevant border gate authorities for continuing to manage and closely monitor exported goods, facilitate cargo clearance through the area.

Facing the issue of the Chinese side strictly managing imported goods from Vietnam, Lang Son Customs Department also informed and advised businesses to participate in import and export activities at the Huu Nghi border gate, to find out about the changes related to policies of the Chinese authorities. Lang Son Customs Department has also advised and disseminated to Vietnamese enterprises about the situation of congestion of export goods at the border gates managed by Tan Thanh Customs Branch, so that enterprises can take the initiative in goods export planning, and quickly resolve the procedures of transferring exports at border gates for enterprises as prescribed, Mr. Hoang Khanh Hoa added.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy