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Lang Son Customs needs focus on administrative procedure and facilitation to business

15:11 | 16/04/2018

VCN- It is requested by the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Steering Committee 389 of Lang Son province, Nguyen Cong Truong, in the working session with Lang Son Customs Department on the management of import and exports, fighting against smuggling and trade fraud and taking measures in the remaining months of 2018, held on the morning of 11 April.  

lang son customs needs focus on administrative procedure and facilitation to business Lang Son Customs: Actively reforming administrative procedures and assisting businesses
lang son customs needs focus on administrative procedure and facilitation to business Lang Son Customs: enhancing the efficiency of PCA
lang son customs needs focus on administrative procedure and facilitation to business Lang Son Customs: Strictly control imported fruit, food during Tet
lang son customs needs focus on administrative procedure and facilitation to business
The working session. Photo: Mai Loan

According to a report from Lang Son Customs Department, in the first quarter of 2018, the Department carried out Customs procedures for imported and exported goods via the province reaching US $ 1,108.7 million, increasing by 27% compared to the same period in 2107 (export turnover up 35% and import turnover up 13% compared to the same period in 2107).

Seizing and handling 100 smuggling cases and trade frauds valued at VND 1.1 billion; collecting VND 1.5 billion from post clearance audit; classifying risk management channel and collecting VND 130 million; collaborating in assisting fee collection in accordance with the Lang Son People's Committee’s Decision QĐ 53-QĐ/UBND for 115,693 means of transport with the revenue of VND 159.8 billion.

However, the tax revenue in the second quarter of Lang Son Customs Department has only reached VND 553.2 billion (reaching 13.49 % of assigned ordinance target), a decrease of 15.7% compared to the same period in 2017.

Director of Lang Son Customs Department, Hoang Khanh Hoa, said that the Department’s revenue in the first quarter reduced compared to the same period in 2017. Meanwhile, import and export turnover increased with the implementation of provisions on Vietnam’s special referential import tax rates for the implementation of ASEAN-China Agreement on Trade in Goods for 2018-2022, and the Government has issued Decree No. 153/2017 / ND-CP dated 27th December 2017. Accordingly, many of the imported items are subject to a 0% special preferential tax rate.

Revenue from China’s automobile and parts sharply decreased. Accordingly, the revenue only reached VND 1,01 billion (equivalent to 0.7% compared to the same period in 2017).

Some State management policies to control inflation, reduce trade deficit and protect domestic production, such as by the implementation of Joint Circular No. 58/2015 / TTLT-BCT-BKHCN dated 31st December 2015 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Science and Technology effective from 21st March 2016, strictly manage the quality of domestic steel and imported steel; The implementation of official safeguard measures in the form of additional import duties on the super-seasoning in accordance with Decision No. 920/QD / BTC dated 10th March 2016, leading to the revenue from this item also decreased.

At the working session, Mr. Truong highly appreciated the efforts of the leaders, officers of Lang Son Customs Department in actively and positively taking measures to well implement the Customs management over the past time, contributing to increase revenue and socio-economic development in the province.

However, Mr. Truong requested that in the coming time, Lang Son Customs Department should actively implement the 9 key programs and tasks in 2018 approved by the provincial People's Committee.

In particular, focusing on the task of administrative reform, Customs modernization and creating all favorable conditions for import-export business activities of enterprises; coordinate with other forces to effectively fight against smuggling; Increasing revenue by taking measures for collecting taxes, outstanding tax debts, strengthening the post clearance audit, risk management, ruling and determination of taxable value.

Besides, Lang Son Customs should tighten the implementation of administrative discipline and work discipline, prevention of negative attitude, waste, and corruption and effectively protect internal politics.

lang son customs needs focus on administrative procedure and facilitation to business Lang Son Customs Department focuses on trade facilitation

VCN- Until the end of the third quarter 2017, Lang Son Customs Department received and processed 2,329 ...

Also, Mr. Truong directed the competent sectors under their assigned duties to coordinate and support Lang Son Customs to perform the task of Customs management in the province.

The proposal of the Lang Son Customs Department related to the accelerating of construction of roads to the Dong Dang International Railway Station , Po Nhung sub-border gate (Cao Loc), Binh Nghi sub-border gate ( Trang Dinh), Mr. Truong requested to transfer the public offices of Binh Nghi and Po Nhung border gates for the Department to go into management and use; Construct the specialized goods transportation routes from Tan Thanh to Kha Phong (Pa Chai-China); Complete the project of Tan Thanh border gate and upgrade goods inspection yard at Dong Dang International Railway Station.

By Duy Nhat/Ngoc Loan