September 24, 2018 17:02

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Lang Son Customs: Actively reforming administrative procedures and assisting businesses

16:36 | 07/02/2018

VCN- Mr. Vy Cong Tuong, Deputy Director of Lang Son Customs said that Lang Son Customs applied modern methods for Customs management to provide maximum support to the business community, but it still ensured close control in accordance with the law.

lang son customs actively reforming administrative procedures and assisting businesses Lang Son Customs: enhancing the efficiency of PCA
lang son customs actively reforming administrative procedures and assisting businesses Lang Son Customs: Strictly control imported fruit, food during Tet
lang son customs actively reforming administrative procedures and assisting businesses Lang Son Custom Department: Strengthen anti-smuggling at trails, paths
lang son customs actively reforming administrative procedures and assisting businesses
Customs officers of Lang Son Customs Department inspect imported goods. Photo: H.N

In 2017, the socio-economic situation in our country took place in the context of the world economy showing signs of prosperity with financial recovery, and a stable growth by the major economies, including China, significantly affecting the country’s import and export activities in general and for Lang Son in particular.

The official launching and operation of the National Gate at the Huu Nghi border gate and the route for transporting goods at a couple of border checkpoints, Huu Nghi (Vietnam) - Huu Nghi Quan (China), together with investment in infrastructure and roads at sub-border gates and checkpoints in Lang Son province, these have facilitated and enhanced the capacity of Customs for inspection and supervision of passengers on exit and entry with imported and exported goods, and contributed to creating favorable conditions for businesses for trading in the province.

Implementing the Government’s Resolution 19/2017/ND-CP dated 6th February 2017 on the implementation of key solutions to improve business environment and enhance national competitiveness; the Government’s Directive 24/CT-TTg dated 5th August 2016 promoting administrative procedure management and reform in the field of Tax and Customs, Lang Son Customs Department actively reviewed and proposed measures to simplify administrative procedures. They deployed synchronously public services such as, online public service, public postal services, e-tax payment and Customs clearance 24/7 to remove difficulties and provide maximum support to businesses. In addition, the VNACCS/VCIS systems operated stably, thereby, businesses properly declared themselves without support from suppliers or the Customs.

The connection in Customs supervision ensured meeting the requirements for imported and exported goods and difficulties and obstacles were removed promptly, such as causing traffic jams at border gates. Especially, in the season of agricultural products, Lang Son actively collaborated with competent agencies in the provinces to study China’s policies and inform businesses about cross-border exports; coordinated in channel classification and prioritized pre-clearance for exported domestic agricultural products; increased working time and added human resources to prevent congestion.

Regarding administrative reform and facilitation for businesses, from the beginning of the year, Lang Son Customs Department took an initiative to organize business dialogues by signing a memorandum of understanding between Customs and business. They deployed the online public service system level 3 (in 2017 3,712 dossiers were received and processed via the online public service system); signed agreements on coordination for revenue collection between the State Treasury, Lang Son Customs and the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank to help facilitate tax payers. They collaborated with provincial television, Customs Newspaper, etc., to propagate legal policies. They also responded to complaints on procedures, publicizing their mail box address and a hot line; Assigned Customs officers in charge of instructing and responding to complaints from businesses.

With efforts in reforming administrative procedures to attract businesses in 2017, Lang Son’s import and export turnover increased 28.7% compared to the same period in 2016 (total import and export turnover of VND over 5 billion). Of which, export turnover increased 23.9%, import turnover increased 35.2%, an export surplus of nearly US $ 600 million. The subordinate units of Lang Son Customs Department inspected and supervised goods and luggage of over 1.5 million turns on passengers on exit and entry (an increase of 63% compared to the same period in 2016); carried out Customs procedures for over 444,000 turns of means of transporting imported and exported goods across the border gate, and coordinated with forces in charge of collecting fees to collect VND 637.5 billion.

Imported and exported goods across Lang Son province are basically traditional goods, such as the exported goods are mainly fresh fruits, fishery products, agricultural products, and temporary imported goods for export. Imported goods are mainly fruit, machinery, automobile and parts

In 2018, Lang Son Customs set a target, theme of action: "Discipline – Innovation –Development of Lang Son Customs”.

Accordingly, Lang Son Customs Department will strictly implement the ‘client service charter’ under the action plan, “professionalism - transparency- efficiency”. Accordingly, Lang Son Customs Department will strictly implement the “client service charter” under the action plan “professionalism - transparency- efficiency” and tighten labor discipline and rules. Strengthening prevention of negative acts; continuing to reform and simplify administrative procedures, applying IT in administrative procedures and Customs modernization. Maintaining and ensuring efficiency of administrative procedures which have connected online public service.

lang son customs actively reforming administrative procedures and assisting businesses Lang Son propose to put fireworks on the list of prohibited goods for business

VCN – Near to Lunar Year 2018, the situation of trading and transporting fireworks illegally cross border ...

As well, strengthening Customs inspection and prevention of smuggling, trade fraud, and counterfeit goods under instruction of national and provincial Steering Committee 389. Striving to fulfill the assigned target of revenue collection 2018. Actively participating in emulation movement, "Vietnam Business Integration and Development", instructed by the Prime Minister, in which, concretizing and implementing program, “3 actions and 5 supports”, for import and export businesses. Changing awareness from administration to service, means considering investors, import and export businesses and passengers in exit or entry as partners. Promoting all resources of Lang Son Customs to create comprehensive strength and contribute to development of economy and tourism in Lang Son the province.

By Duy Nhat/ Ngoc Loan