July 12, 2020 11:05

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Kien Giang handles smuggling in peak period

09:34 | 22/02/2020

VCN- During the last peak period, during and after the Lunar New Year in 2020, KienGiang provincial authorities have effectively implemented plans to prevent and combat smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation of goods. In January 2020, the units dealt withover 100 cases of smuggling, illegal transportation of goods, commercial fraud and fake goods with a value of over VND3.2 billion.

tin nhap 20200218162929

The Customs Branch of Ha Tien border gate examines import and export goods.

Increase efficiency

Before the Lunar New Year, on the border road, Rach Go, Dam Chit, Cho Dinh, Nha Sap,GiangThanh district; trails on both sides of the Ha Tien International Border Gate; Duong Chua, Duong Xuong and Da Dung mountains in My Duc ward and Ha Tien city continue to be hot spots for cases. The coastal route from 313 and 314 milestones runs along Ta Lu – MuiNai– Nui Den – Bai No –CuaPhao to ToChau wharf in Ha Tien city, smugglers still take advantage of sites to take smuggled goods across the border. The smuggled goods are mainly tobacco, sugar, confectionery, scrap and consumer goods. The smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation of goods in key areas in KienGiang continues.

According to KienGiang Customs Department, the numberand value of goods are still low compared to the actual situation due to increasingly sophisticated methods, using motorbikes andboats transporting goods many times a day, especially in the evenings or at night. Suspects arevery mobile and ready to fight back against functional forces when surrounded.

KienGiang Customs Department has directed the Customs Control Team andCustoms Sub-Departments at the border gates to implement professional measures to strictly control the management area, deploy many plans in the field of combating smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting; proactively and flexibly strengthen the organization and effectively implement the coordination of information exchange among state management agencies in the fight against smuggling and trade fraud.

Last Tet holiday, border-gate customs units have seized many cases of sugar andwater worth tens of millions of dong in order not to generate hot spots and smuggling groups under their management.

As for the Border Guards, 24 hours of smugglinghot spots have been placed under control, and many cases of illegal transportation of goods are prohibited. The forces havereduced smuggling, aggressively takinggoods from motorbikes.

During the Lunar New Year, KienGiang Border Patrol seized more than 5,000 packages of illegal cigarettes; 13 tons of scrap and many other goods. In particular, the KienGiang Border Patrol organized to mobilize people not to help smuggling, do not hide and launch the movement of the entire population to participate in denouncing criminals, which also contributed to reducing smuggling activities in the border area. Other forces, such as the KienGiang Provincial Police,seizedmore than 40,000 packages of contraband cigarettes; more than 200kg of Thai sugar and many other goods, including criminal prosecution of nine cases with 11 defendants. Theyalso effectively deterred people from moving, transporting and trading smuggled goods. Market management forces have also detected and seized more than VND300 million worth of violated goods.

tin nhap 20200218162929
Kien Giang Border Patrol seized illegal cigarettes.

Need more radical solution

After the Lunar New Year is the dry season,ao smuggling is expected to continue on the KienGiang border if it is not maintained throughtough measures as in the last peak period. The remaining unsold smuggled goods that cannot cross the border will be carried out by more sophisticated methods.

In order to implement the task of combating smuggling, trade fraud and fake goods in the province, Steering Committee 389 inKienGiang province has asked the departments, branches, Steering Committee 389 of districts, to proactively coordinate the city in implementing key tasks in 2020; strengthen coordination among functional forces and enhance the role and responsibility of border localities; continue to inspect and handle illegal warehouses in border areas; mobilize border residents not to participate in and help smugglers; continue to open projects to eliminate cross-border smuggling; and organize patrols.

In addition, the fight against smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation of goods for sustainable and long-term effect requires radical measures. The Steering Committee 389 of KienGiang province has proposed to have effective policies for socio-economic development in the border areas, creating stable jobs for residents and gradually transforming suspects. Along with that, the propaganda measures, the new people do not participate, do not help the smuggling. At the same time continue to foster skills for anti-smuggling forces; strengthen personnel, funding and equipment for anti-smuggling forces.

By By Dang Nguyen/ HuuTuc