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It is neccessary to share information via National Single Window

10:39 | 26/08/2019

VCN - The National Single Window (NSW) mechanism, ASEAN Single Window (ASW) has been implemented relatively widely in Vietnam.

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The interface of National single window portal

However, there is a shortcoming that the information sharing is still limited, causing low efficiency of facilitating import and export activities and improving management effectiveness as desired. To overcome this problem, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has developed a draft decree to connect and share information under the NSW.

The more connection, the less sharing

Currently, with 174 procedures connected to NSW of 13 ministries and sectors, it could be said that the number of procedures is relatively completed, especially the procedures that have much impact on the business community and the people, while ASW connection is also promoted.

However, the scope and extent of information sharing through the NSW still has many limitations.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs - Permanent Office of the National Steering Committee on ASW, NSW and trade facilitation (Committee 1899), the import, export goods and transit; people and means of transport on exit, entry and transit have to be subjected under State management of many ministries and sectors. When implementing administrative procedures, ministries and sectors often rely on independent information and create information to serve that unit. Even in the application of IT, electronicisation of management operations has also been implemented separately in each agency. Specifically, the agency has its own system, does not connect, share information with other agencies in the chain of managing import and export goods; people, means of transport on exit, entry and transit. In other words, information related to this content is being carried out independently, locally, fragmented, not comprehensive, due to a lack of connection and sharing among directly related agencies as well as indirectly to import and export process.

Meanwhile, it required chain management, information not only serves a single State management authority but also serves many stakeholders to facilitate businesses, people and ensure quality, effective management and implementation of e-government, as well as an increasingly deep international economic integration. Therefore, when more information was shared, it would facilitate management authorities to provide better online public services, better risk management and improve the overall efficiency of administrative procedure reform.

Need to adjust by legal framework

Facing reality, to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of NSW, ASW, the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Committee 1899 directed the General Department of Vietnam Customs to develop a draft decree to connect and share information under the NSW. The decree would create an important legal framework for connecting and sharing information through the NSW as well as making connections and sharing information between Vietnam and other countries.

Considering the requirements of the Government, the issuance of legal documents for the decree was very necessary to promote synchronisation, efficiency, transparency, avoid fragmentation, delay connection, sharing information and data between ministries and sectors. At the same time, it also contributed to the implementation of the objectives of administrative procedure reform, strong application of IT in solving administrative procedures, facilitating trade facilitation and ensuring State management efficiency.

According to the draft reported by the Permanent Office Standing at the 5th session of Committee 1899 recently, the decree will specify the management, connection and sharing of State management information on the activities of import, export and transit goods; people and vehicle on exit, entry and transit through the National Single Window Portal.

The subjects of application include agencies, organisations and individuals implementing administrative procedures for import, export and transit goods, people and means of transport on enxit, entry and transit; agencies, organizations and individuals related to import and export activities, transit of goods, people and means of transport on enxit, entry and transit; organisations providing data transmission services, data transfer and data storage.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy