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IT application to Customs control

10:41 | 31/01/2018

VCN – The enhancement of IT application to Customs field is to facilitate the business community import and export activities and to contribute to raising efficiency of Customs management, supervision and control, as well as fighting against acts of violations effectively.  

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it application to customs control

Smuggled items detected and seized by Hai Phong Customs . Photo: by Hai Phong Customs

Raising efficiency from VASSCM

One of new IT applications, that really benefits import and export activities, is the Vietnam Automated System for Seaport Customs Management, which was firstly deployed at Hai Phong seaport (pilot from 15th August 2017 to 1st December 2017)

Representative from online Customs Supervision Division (under the Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department) under the General Department of Vietnam Customs, said that the system not only facilitates the business community, but also raises efficiency of Customs supervision and management of imported and exported goods upon exit from entry to the seaport.

“Thanks to VASSCM, Customs management and supervision process is carried out smoothly by electronic method” – the leader of online Customs Supervision Division said.

This leader stated that thanks to VASSCM, the Customs authority shall manage the whole process from goods on e-manifest declaration (for imported goods) taken in to taken out of the Customs supervision and transported to other supervision areas; and shall grasp movement, information changes of packages and goods storage, and inventories in a timely fashion.

In which, for imported goods, the Customs management and supervision are implemented thoroughly; from the time when the means of transport arrived, goods are unloaded from the means of transport, taken into ports, warehouses or yards for carrying out the import procedures and transported between Customs supervision areas to the time when goods are taken out of Customs supervision areas for domestic consumption, or moving to another Customs management regime (processing, export production)

For exported goods, the system also helps to ensure the smooth management from the time when goods are gathered for export and export procedures, and transported among Customs supervision areas to the time when the goods are loaded to means of transport and taken out of Customs supervision areas for export to foreign countries.

A Customs officer from the Customs Supervision Division (under Customs Branch at Hai Phong port zone I, Hai Phong Customs Department – the unit in charge of Tan Vu port) added that in the past without the VASSCM, the Customs authority had difficulty in knowing the positions of parked containers or their movement among Customs supervision areas, but now with VASSCM, any changes are updated to the system, this makes the management easy and convenient.

A Representative from the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department said that information on good management and supervision is exchanged and updated in a timely fashion by electronic method. Raising the efficiency of risk management, anti-smuggling, Customs supervision, monitoring and handling of inventories at all 3 levels (General Department level, Department level and Branch level). At the same time, closely inspecting and supervising the performance of the responsibilities of the port, warehouse and yard operators according to the provisions of the Customs Law.

Renovating to catch up the development trend

According to the Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department, IT systems have been launched and operated to create favorable conditions for the business community, shorten the Customs clearance time and contribute to computerizing Customs management. Therefore, the Customs control also requires to catch up the electronic method to be able to control the system, promptly detect loopholes and take measures to inspect, prevent, arrest and handle violations in a timely manner.

The leader of the online Customs Supervision Division said that important IT systems can meet the requirements of Customs control. The problem is that Customs officers in charge of the control and anti-smuggling have to study and use them effectively.

For instance, the VNACCS / VCIS system allows direct access to detailed Customs clearance information, including the processing of Customs officers (in some operational steps); and search of information related to import and export activities of enterprises in order to serve the analysis and evaluation of information for professional work.

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According to the leader of the online Customs Supervision Division, other systems such as E-customs v5, CWS automatic warning system and E-Manifest system, have functions for Customs supervision and control. The effective use of functions and information on IT systems will contribute significantly to Customs control in the electronic environment.

Discovering prohibited goods thanks to VASSCM

With the implementation of VASSCM, Hai Phong Customs Department has discovered some cases of smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across borders.

On 28th November 2017, Hai Phong Customs Department cooperated with CMA-CGM Shipping line and Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port to inspect a shipment with signs of law violation in container number, TRIU6627990, transported on board SIMA SADAF, trip 031HHN, to the Nam Hai Dinh Vu port.

The inspection result showed that the packed frozen fisheries were heterogeneous. Inside the fish bags, there were 740 kg of plants cut into segments, which were coral belonging to the black coral - Antipatharia. All coral species in the black corals (Antipatharia spp) are listed in Appendix II of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - CITES

On 12th December 2017, Hai Phong Customs Department in cooperation with CMA-CGM shipping line and PTSC Dinh Vu port inspected a shipment in container number, CMAU1987357, on the FENGYUNHE ship entering PTSC Dinh Vu port, Hai Phong. The result revealed that the goods in the container were used motorcycles, rice cookers and electric fans, etc., which are subject to the list of goods banned from import (issued under Decree No. 187/2013 / ND-CP).

By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang