August 11, 2020 04:03

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Investigate enterprise issuing illegally certificate of origin

19:26 | 08/07/2020

VCN - The information was released at a seminar on inspection and investigation of anti-fraud of origin of Vietnamese exported goods by the Customs sector, held by the General Department of Vietnam Customs on July 6.

investigate enterprise issuing illegally certificate of origin
Scene of the seminar. Photo: T.Bình

At the seminar, leaders of the Post-Clearance Audit Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) said that implementing the guidance of the leaders of the Ministry of Finance, Customs authorities instructed the forces of Post-clearance audit and Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department to collect information, analyse and assess risks of fraudulent origin and carry out investigation and verification work.

The Post-clearance Inspection Department is the main force that took responsibility in implementation.

On August 13, 2019, the General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Official Letter No. 5189/TCHQ-GSQL directing local customs departments and competent units under the General Department to implement inspection measures, identifying the origin, anti-fraud and fraudulent origin, labelling of goods, infringing intellectual property rights and illegally transshipment; Directive No. 7988/CT-TCHQ dated December 25, 2019 of the Director General of Vietnam Customs on strengthening synchronous implementation of anti-fraud measures, fraudulent origin and illegal transshipment.

The peak of the implementation plan was October 2019. Until now, it has achieved remarkable results.

investigate enterprise issuing illegally certificate of origin
Representatives of press agencies participated the seminar. Photo: T.Bình

The whole Customs sector has inspected, investigated and verified 76 cases and discovered 24 cases of violations on origin of goods. Customs authorities have seized 3,590 units of complete bikes, more than 4,000 sets of bicycle components and more than 12,000 sets of kitchen cabinet components for evidence of violations.

Customs authorities have also collected and paid VND 33 billion to the State budget (including illegal proceeds gained from committing acts of violations; sanctioning administrative violations and the value of confiscated exhibits).

Specifically, through post-clearance audit for bicycles and electric bicycles, customs authorities found four enterprises violating Vietnamese origin, for solar battery item, detecting five violating enterprises; for wood products and wooden furniture, 12 enterprises were detected.

Along with that, the Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department discovered two seafood enterprises that made false declarations of the origin of goods.

The Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department found an enterprise not authorised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) for issuing a certificate of origin. However, the enterprise intentionally issued illegal C/O for many businesses.

The General Department of Vietnam Customs is directing Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department to coordinate with the Investigation Police Agency - C03 (Ministry of Public Security) to investigate and clarify violations to strictly handle in accordance with regulations.

investigate enterprise issuing illegally certificate of origin
Reporters asked questions at the seminar. Photo: T.Bình

Director of Post-Clearance Audit Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) Nguyen Tien Loc said the General Department of Vietnam Customs identified the activities of post-clearance audit, investigation and verification of acts of fraud of origin, illegal transshipment as a key activity of the sector in 2020 and the following years. From the results in the phase 1 recently, the General Department of Vietnam Customs continued to research and deploy the orientation and plan of phase 2 to expand inspections and verification of fraud of origin for many other firms.

At the seminar, Director of Post-clearance audit Department Nguyen Tien Loc and Director of Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) Nguyen Hung Anh answered some questions from reporters.

Customs News will continue to provide information on the seminar and the results of the fight against fraududent origin in the Customs sector.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy