November 27, 2019 19:50

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International seminar highlights macroeconomic issues

19:38 | 26/11/2019

The National Economics University in Hanoi hosted an annual international scientific conference discussing the theme of "Contemporary issues in economics, management and business” (CIEMB 2019) on November 26, with scientists and researchers from 15 globally taking part in the event.

international seminar highlights macroeconomic issues

Photo: Giao Duc and Thoi Dai newspaper

The 2-day conference offers an ideal venue for policy makers, researchers, scientists, national, and international managers to share information and unveil the latest publications relating to scientific research.

Moreover, those in attendance can share their vast experience in the fields of economics, management, and business.

In addition, there is also a forum running alongside the conference specifically for domestic and international scholars from a range of different research fields in the economics, management, and the business sector to exchange and present their research works.

It is hoped that this will serve to enhance international co-operation in scientific research among both domestic and international universities.

With 11 parallel discussions taking place throughout CIEMB 2019, the event is being attended by some of the world's leading economic experts who intend to share their latest research.

Source: VOV