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Intelligent Traffic Application: Which opportunities for Vietnamese startup?

09:42 | 22/06/2018

VCN- After the departure of Uber, the traffic solution market in Vietnam is hotter than ever, with a series of foreign names as well as many Vietnamese businesses also catching up on the opportunities. This raises the suspicion that Vietnamese startups can win in the domestic intelligent traffic market.

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intelligent traffic application which opportunities for vietnamese startup
The market for smart startup traffic is still very large.

The advantage lies in the rate of change

In fact, after being dominated by tech-taxi cabs in the domestic taxi market, transportation companies have clearly seen their downfall in the application of new technologies for management. A number of domestic taxi companies have embarked on developing their own car reservation applications to regain market share, which is creating a huge wave of application of 4.0 technology into transportation.

Mr. Phan Ba Manh, CEO of AN VUI Transportation Technology Company, the leading company in Vietnam providing solutions for managing and operating cars, said that in recent years, passenger transportation companies which were slow in application of technology would lose market share, even go bankrupt. The industrial revolution 4.0 is making huge changes to the way the competition is organized. At that time, if companies were fast they would win and vice versa. Enterprises which access technology rapidly and continuously change, improve services, will take the advantage. The lesson of the traditional taxi companies is a great proof for this.

"The technology race is heating up more than ever, and transportation companies should consider it as an opportunity to increase their competitive advantage, improve service quality and expand market share. The big transportation companies such as Interbuslines, Mai Linh, Bac Giang Passenger Car, Hoang Long and Hai Au are the leading units in applying information technology in management and operation. And the startups themselves in Vietnam must also recognize their opportunities and challenges. It can be a problem with stopping parking, or the problem of connecting public and private transportation modes. There are always opportunities for small businesses to "win" big business," Mr. Manh added.

Trends can not be ignored

According to statistics from Interbuslines, a transport service businesson the Hanoi-Sapa route, with the thorough application of intelligent traffic applications to the management and operation of the cars, the company reduced cost and increased sales by 10-20%. As for traffic participants, their needs are for moving in the fastest time with the lowest fees. Thus, the demand for transport enterprises by the people is very large, and the market for intelligent traffic startups is still very large.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, CEO of Dichung Group, said that the current technology allowed management of the whole process, minimizing the cost by bringing people together. Applying technology is one of the most important ways to help the cars grow in the context of the technology revolution 4.0. In fact, price competition is not about smart competition, but competition on smartness and interactivity of smart spotting applications is the best competition.

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According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong, CEO of Ahamove - the application of fast delivery in the inner city said that if the businesses are involved in the intelligent traffic market later, the competition for these businesses will be fiercer. In addition, businesses should focus on exploiting and developing a narrower market rather than focusing on developing large markets, because a small market segment can help small businesses analyze the market well.

By Xuan Thao/ Hoang Anh