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Inspection and discovery a container of cosmetics importing illegally via Cat Lai port

19:44 | 28/11/2017

VCN – On 27/11, at Cat Lai port in HCM City, Customs Enforcement Unit – HCM City Customs Department coordinated with Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch, C74 – Ministry of Public Security to conduct physical inspection a cargo container and discover inside containing full of cosmetics. 

inspection and discovery a container of cosmetics importing illegally via cat lai port
Smuggled cosmetics which originated from Taiwan - China were seized on 27/11

This shipment was imported from Taiwan to Cat Lai port by Son Phu Nong Co., Ltd (Bao Loc, Lam Dong province) opened import declaration. According to the declaration, imported goods were PVC film (Polyvinylchloride). This shipment was automatically classified to green channel – clearance on the system.

Discovering this imported shipment had suspected signs, Customs Enforcement Unit informed to Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch to stop clearance and put into key inspection and issued a decision for inspection this shipment of the above enterprise in order to prevent importing illegally prohibited goods in accordance with Customs Law.

Through physical inspection, Customs authorities detected all goods in the container was cosmetics, bags, all kind of candy… there were no PVC films as a declaration.

Currently, Customs Enforcement Unit and other competent force still continue to inspect. According to Customs Enforcement Unit, this case is in the special project that established by the unit and approved by HCM City Customs Department. Regarding the above-smuggled cargo, the unit will continue to inspect one more import container of Son Phu Nong Co., Ltd.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy