June 21, 2021 13:51

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Inspect five containers of herbs originating from China “camouflaged” carrot and white radish

19:34 | 24/06/2020

VCN – Five containers of goods were imported from China declared as jujube, white radish and carrot but the majority of goods were herbs. It was detected at Tien Sa port (Da Nang province) by Customs authorities.

inspect five containers of herbs originating from china camouflaged carrot and white radish
exhibits of the case

On June 22, the leader of the Central Region Anti-smuggling Enforcement Unit - Unit 2 (Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, General Department of Vietnam Customs) said the unit is working with Da Nang port Customs Branch (Da Nang Customs Department) and competent forces to conduct an examination of the above goods.

According to the leader of Unit 2, on June 14, 2020, N.S Import Export Trading Co., Ltd. (located in Hai Duong province) opened an import declaration No. 10336383661/A12 at Da Nang Port Customs Branch.

According to the declaration, the goods include: unprocessed dried “jujube, apricots, cashews, white radishes, carrots”, used as food for boiling to drink and eat, not yet soaked in water, new 100% and not included in CITES.

This shipment is contained in five 40 feet-containers, these containers were transported on INSPIR ship, No.20003S from Hang Pu port (China) to Tien Sa port (Da Nang) on ​​June 14, 2020.

“Through the professional analysis of information in combination with the intelligence, the declaration of goods containing five containers was dishonest. The actual goods were medicinal ingredients, not only 5five items as declared above. Considering this was a deceitful trick of the business to avoid the control of the competent authorities, Unit 2 reported to the leader of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department and propose to coordinate with Da Nang port Customs Branch to verify the information and carry out inspection and compare the actual imported goods with the declaration to clarify the acts of dishonest declaration of the company. At the inspection in the afternoon of June 22, the competent forces found the goods contained in these five containers were not just jujubes, white radishes and carrots as declared by the enterprises, but mostly herbal medicines. By using preliminary senses, they determined it was a medicinal ingredient for producing medicine. The drug quality control agency is taking samples to determine the names of goods and utilities, ” the leader of Unit 2 said.

The customs force is continuing to work with competent authorities to conduct inspection, investigation and verification to handle the issue.

It is known that the herb material was a source of raw materials used as medicine and this is a sensitive item. If the raw materials did not meet import standards and were used as medicines, it would affect the health of the community, not only with immediate negative impacts but also leading to genetic risks.

The Pharmaceutical Law and guidance documents stipulating the import and production of medicine must be registered with competent authorities. When it is granted the license, it can operate. All imported medicine into Vietnam must go through a rigorous testing process, if it was qualified, it would be imported. Besides that, the import border gate for this item must be an international border gate.

The leader of Unit 2 analysed that from the strict import standards, the business intentionally disguised the declaration to bypass the authorities to clear the cargo.

In 2019, Customs forces discovered several cases of violations on importing Chinese traditional medicines and herbal medicines camouflaged as agricultural products.

Customs News will continue to update information on the incident.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy