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Information of replacing RON 92 gasoline in June 2017 is not accurate

12:33 | 09/12/2016

VCN - Representing leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade have made an official response to the news ofreplacing RON 92 mineral gasoline with E5 bio gasoline in June 2017.

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E5 Bio gasoline market has not yet received the consumers attention. Photo: Hoai Anh

At a regular Government press conference in November, on29/11,the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang QuocVuong answered questions from the press about the information ofreplacingRON 92 gasolineis not accurate.

The cause, according to Deputy Minister Hoang QuocVuong, was the decision to replace RON 92 was decided andissued by MOIT under Decision No. 53/2012/QD-TTg on the issuance of the roadmap for the application ratio of blending bio gasoline with conventional fuels, of the Prime Minister in 2012, the bio gasoline source was needed to replaceRON gasoline with high cost and to implement environmental protection goals.

However, recently, the world's gasoline prices dropped abruptly leading to RON gasoline prices also plummeting, therefore the consumption of bio gasoline was difficult, due to it cannot compete on price (price of 1 liter of E5 is just 500VND / litercheaper thanmineralRON 92).

Moreover, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade also said that to make use of bio gasoline, 4 bio gasoline factorieshave been built,but until now, only bio gasoline Plant of Tung Lam Co., Ltd. is still active, the remaining three plants are either not produced or have not done with investing processes.

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According to representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, bio gasolineis popular intwo countries Brazil and the US. The utilization inthe US is more advantageous sincecheap bio gasolineresource from genetically modified technology, maize, potato, cassava with high yield, producedbio gasolinecompatible in the context of low gasoline prices. Vietnam does not have the material, nor high yield cassava, not enough for 4 plants’ operationto ensure cheap gasoline producing.

"Therefore, there has been no final decision onthe timeframe. MOIT will thoroughly evaluate the bio gasoline production replacement roadmap of RON gasoline in the near future ", Deputy Minister Hoang QuocVuong said.

Huong Diu / Luong Ngoc