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Increase revenue by over 1,600 billion VND after tax inspection

13:01 | 19/06/2018

VCN – At the end of the first 5 months, the Tax sector has implemented more than 17,700 tax inspections, achieved 20% of the plan. In order to complete the plan, General Department of Taxation requested Tax Departments to arrange, supplement and mobilize human resource maximally for the tax inspections.

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Profeesional activities at Ha Dong Tax Branch – Hanoi. Photo: Thùy Linh

According to the report of General Department of Taxation, in the first 5 months of 2018, through the inspection of the whole sector, many mistakes had been detected in the tax declaration process by taxpayers and they have been requested to do a supplementary declaration and sanctioned in accordance with regulations. The total tax revenue has increased by over 4,100 billion VND through tax inspection; reduced deduction by over 324 billion VND; reduced tax loss by over 5,700 billion VND, and total tax revenue put into State budget is over 1,600 billion VND.

Regarding the inspection of tax declaration dossiers at tax offices, the report of the General Department of Taxation showed that by the end of May 2018, more than 164,600 dossiers had been checked; Adjusted to collect revenue by 72.85 billion VND; deduction is 27.31 billion VND; reduced loss is 16.83 billion VND.

Regarding the on-site audit at enterprises, the General Department of Taxation has informed that, till 21/5/2018, they have conducted inspections for 75 enterprises with associated transaction activities; which has collected, retrieved and sanctioned more than 323 billion VND; loss reduction by 1,800 billion VND; reduced deduction by 1.65 billion VND and adjusted to increase taxable income by over 837 billion VND.

Regarding to the inspection of VAT refund, the report showed that by 21/5, the total number of tax decisions of 63 tax authorities have been inspected, more than 1,800 decisions, respectively with a tax refund of over 11,000 billion VND.

It is known that in 2018, the General Department of Taxation required tax departments to strive to carry out on-site audit at enterprises to reach a minimum rate of 18.5% of operating enterprises in order to strengthen the work against loss of revenue. At the same time, the tax sector aims to continue to modernize the tax inspection; To raise the capacity of officials so as to raise the quality and efficiency of the inspection work.

In order to fulfill tasks, the General Department of Taxation requested the tax departments to organize the supplementation and mobilization of the human resources for the inspection work. The units must work out specific plans, organize the job assignment and control the work of each department.

The General Department of Taxation required the entire tax sector to rectify and intensify the inspection in order to ensure the proper process and procedures as prescribed. At the same time, strengthen the compliance control over the mission of the delegations, teams and officers to carry out the tasks of inspection and examination of enterprises to prevent, stop and promptly handle violations.

From now to the end of the year, the tax departments should strengthen the inspection of the use of invoices by businesses in order to detect the use of illegal invoices. Thereby, handling violations of invoices in tax field in accordance with regulations. Along with that, closely cooperate with other agencies in exchanging information, catching information, timely detecting high-risk enterprises in transferring prices, transferring profits, avoiding taxes to focus on inspecting and strictly dealing with enterprises who commit acts of violating tax law in the field of transfer pricing

The General Department of Taxation requested the units to concentrate on inspection and supervision of high-risk enterprises in taxation and new business lines such as e-commerce and online trading.

Notably, the General Department of Taxation requested the tax department to avoid the status of inspection, inspection for no reason. In the course of inspection, examination and handling in accordance with legal grounds at the time, full sanctions on administrative violations. Implementing charge payment consistently and complete in accordance with regulations.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy