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In November: landlords in Hanoi and HCMC must do online tax declaration

17:52 | 18/10/2016

VCN - The Minister of Finance has issued Decision No. 2128 / QD-BTC on the pilot of value-added tax and personal income tax online declarations for individual house rentals.

in november landlords in hanoi and hcmc must do online tax declaration
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Accordingly, the pilot application is for individuals with rental housing in areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City under the management of tax offices at the local branches. There needs to be declared for value-added tax and personal income in rental housing. The pilot will be implemented from November, 2016 to December, 2017.

The General Department of Taxation will have full responsibility for preparation of technical conditions in implementing electronic declarations for individual lessors; guidance and directing the tax agency, the taxpayer to register an account, declaration, follow up and processing in returning online tax records; support and solving problems of the taxpayers are done by the tax agency.

At the end of the pilot, the General Tax Department will review, evaluate performance, and propose solutions to improve the process of pilot value-added tax, personal income tax via online in rental of personal homes. Regarding processes, the Decision stated: taxpayers access Electronic Portal and register an account for electronic transactions with the tax agency. After being accepted, the taxpayer accesses the online portal to do electronic declaration for leasing activities in the form of 01/TTS and Annex 01/BK-TTS (issued Circular No. 92/2015/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance guiding the implementation of value-added tax and personal income tax for individuals with business activity).

Taxpayers declare the information regarded to the leasing contracts and supported the calculation, declaration summing up for rent in the form of 01 / TTS and Annex 01 / BK-TTS issued Circular No. 92).

Principles of tax declaration for each rental agreement shall be as follows: When doing tax declaration for the first time (for each rental contract), the contract information must be fully declared once only (if no change).

The Portal will provide contract management codes for each contract. This number does not change when the taxpayer changes information in the contract or declaration to the next tax period.

Single taxpayers who have only 1 contract implement tax declarations by year or payment period. In contrast, taxpayers with multiple contracts within the same area (province / district) can make one annual tax declaration. Other cases, taxpayers will self-determine for tax liability under current regulations for each contract and declaration by year or period of payment.

When tax returns from 2nd time onwards (for each rental contract), taxpayers can look up previous declarations filed to enter the information for any new declarations. After completing the declaration information to tenants, taxpayers send copies of the lease or rental contract annex and enter the OTP ( sent by Electronic Portal as incoming phone number taxpayer) to transfer the file to the tax office for tax return through the electronic Portal.

A copy of the lease or rental contract annex in electronic form is stored on the portal to cater to the examination of the tax office. If you do not send copies in electronic form, the documents must be sent by mail to ensure OSS to the Tax Sub - Department where rental housing located.

After a taxpayer lodges an electronic document, the electronic Portal of General Department of Taxation issues a notice to confirm payment or non-receipt reason for taxpayers through e-mail and phone number.

By H.Vân/Thanh Thuy