December 18, 2018 03:41

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In 2018, the Tax sector aims to increase state budget revenue by 3% compared to the estimates

08:08 | 17/01/2018

VCN- On the basis of over-completing and marking the state budget's record of over 1 trillion VND in 2017, in the new year, the tax sector will continue to implement drastically the revenue management, and prevent losses of the State budget. The budget deficit is expected to increase by at least 3% compared to the ordinance estimates.

in 2018 the tax sector aims to increase state budget revenue by 3 compared to the estimates
In 2017, the domestic tax revenue managed by the Tax authorities exceeded 1 million billion vnd. Photo: T.L.

Budget revenue reached over 1 trillion vnd

Speaking at the Finance-Budget Review Conference of the Ministry of Finance in 2017 held by the Ministry of Finance on January 8, 2018, Mr. Bui Van Nam, General Director of Taxation, said that in 2017, the Government has actively and synchronously implemented measures to increase revenues, prevent tax losses, expand tax bases, focus on the field of taxation allocation, accelerate the reform of tax administrative procedures to facilitate people and enterprises. As a result, the domestic tax revenue managed by the tax office exceeded the mark of 1 million billion VND. Specifically, it has reached 1,018,164 billion VND. This amount exceeded 5.1% of the assigned ordinance.

According to Mr. Bui Van Nam, the whole tax sector has implemented the tax management functions, focusing on inspecting and controlling the collection and VAT refund. It is necessary to accelerate the recovery of outstanding debts and further promote the reform of administrative procedures, remove difficulties and co-operate with enterprises, help to timely mobilize sources of revenue for the state budget.

In order to prevent budget losses, the General Department of Taxation has strengthened the inspection and examination to prevent losses and ensure a healthy business environment and improve the lawfulness of taxpayers. Right from the beginning of 2017, the General Department of Taxation has set up and assigned the plan of inspection and examination to the Tax Department of localities (strove to inspect and examine at least 18% of enterprises are managing).

"The inspection and examination focused on high-risk enterprises, tax refunds, the use of invoices, illegal documents, tax incentives, businesses with signs of transfer pricing, business transactions through banks with suspicious signs. Through the efforts of each unit, by December 25, 2017, the tax authorities at all levels have carried out 97,233 inspections, achieved 107% of the plan in 2017 with the total tax increase through inspection and inspection of over 17.9 trillion VND. Accordingly, the amount of tax paid into the budget is over 14.3 trillion VND (80.04% of the increase tax collected through inspection),” Mr. Bui Van Nam said.

According to the leader of the General Department of Taxation, over time the tax authorities at all levels have also strengthened the management of declaration, tax accounting and strict control of the refund of Value Added Tax. At the same time, regularly reviewed and caught up the objects of management by accelerating inventory, reviewing tax codes, ensuring control and catching up taxpayers in order to put them into the subjects of monitoring, tax administration.

The General Department of Taxation also directs the strict management of tax declaration and inspection, focuses the inspection of contradicting declarations, and business areas with signs of insufficient tax declaration. Together with that, timely reviewed the situation of temporary payment of corporate income tax and quarterly profits, to urge enterprises to pay the corporate tax quarterly according to the results of production and business; make tax assessment for taxpayers who violate the tax strictly according to the provisions of the Law on Tax Administration, contributing to increasing the State budget's revenues.

Remarkably, the management of tax refund, strict control of the amount of refund value added tax, ensuring the refund of tax to the right subjects, in accordance with the State's policies and laws, are paid special attention to by the Tax sector with the promotion of information technology application in the management of tax refund. The Tax office has carried out the analysis of information on tax refund and tax declaration to select subjects with risk signs in tax refund to add to the plan after tax refund. Closely coordinated with the functional forces in detecting and strictly handling frauds, abusing the value-added tax refund policy, resolutely handling and fully recovering the amount money of the tax refund fraud for the state budget.

Make sure to exceed by 3% of the minimum budget estimates

According to Mr. Bui Van Nam, in 2018, the macroeconomic fundamentals are stable, but there are many difficulties and challenges. In order to fulfil the task of collecting revenues in 2018, following closely the direction of the Government, the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation will direct the tax agencies at all levels to drastically take measures to manage the collection and control strictly the revenues, limit tax arrears, enhance tax collection, increase revenue for the state budget.

From the beginning of the year, the General Department of Taxation has assigned the targets to increase revenues to local tax departments in accordance with the reality in the localities, ensuring budget revenue increased by at least 3% compared to the ordinance estimates. The tax office will closely monitor the progress of budget collection, evaluate and analyze each specific area, collection area and each tax form, and have a plan to direct for monthly, quarterly collection, that close with actual payment. In addition, accurately identify potential revenue sources, sectors and taxes that are lost and to timely propose effective management solutions, petitioning to the People's Committee to direct the branches and local levels. Coordinate with tax agencies in managing the collection and strengthening measures against the budget deficit.

Particularly, the Tax sector will accelerate the implementation of electronic tax payment, including submission through the electronic portal of tax authorities and electronic channels provided by commercial banks; continue cooperating with relevant functional units to collect motor vehicle and motorbike registration fees, collect personal income tax for transfer of real estate by electronic means; implement the application of electronic invoices.

The head of the General Department of Taxation Bui Van Nam:

“The Tax sector will also continue to accelerate the reform of tax administrative procedures, contributing to the development of production and business, and improving the investment environment. Together with that, it is necessary to solve problems in the business, improve the business environment, create conditions for enterprises to develop stably and firmly, attract investment, increase new production capacity, promote economic growth and create a stable and long-term revenue source for the State budget”.

By Thùy Linh/ Kiều Oanh