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Imported petrol, wine and beer in Hai Phong decrease significantly

10:09 | 13/07/2019

VCN – In June 2019, two imported commodity groups bringing large revenues to Hai Phong Customs have decreased, compared to the same period in 2018.

tin nhap 20190711094519
The imported cars bring huge revenues to Hai Phong Customs Department. Photo: T.Bình

According to the latest information from Hai Phong Customs Department, in June, the total import turnover with tax reached over USS$1.54 billion, increasing by 12.1 percent over the same period in 2018.

In particular, the import turnover of automobiles of all kinds reached nearly US$118.4 million, increasing by 220.3 percent; spare parts for automobiles reached more than US$26 million, increasing by 155.3 percent; spare parts for motorbikes reached nearly US$1.2 million, increasing by 27.8 percent; iron and steel reached US$194.3 million, increasing by 12.6 percent; machinery and equipment reached US$462 million, increasing by 19.6 percent.

Contrary to the general growth momentum as well as many key items, the import turnover of two items with large revenues reduced.

Specifically, the import turnover of beer and wine in the month reached US$988,882, decreasing by 20.5 percent; petrol reached US$41.2 million, decreasing by 51.4%.

Thanks to the high growth of imported goods, the revenue collection of Hai Phong Customs Department continued to prosper. In June, Hai Phong Customs Department collected nearly 5,575 billion VND.

Accumulated revenue in the first six months was 35,312.2 billion VND, reaching by 74.31% compared to the target assigned by the Ministry of Finance (47,520 billion VND), reaching 65.88% compared to the target set by the General Department of Vietnam Customs (53,600 billion VND).

Hence, in the last six months of the year, Hai Phong Customs Department needs to collect 12,207.81 billion VND to achieve the assigned plan of the Ministry of Finance and collect 18,287.81 billion VND to achieve the assigned plan of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Up to now, 7 out of 9 branches of Hai Phong Customs Department have achieved the revenue collection by 1,000 billion VND or more.

Furthermore, Hai Phong port area 1 Customs Branch is the unit that has the largest revenue with the result of 12,454 billion VND, accounting for 35.3 percent of the total revenue of the Department.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy