June 07, 2020 04:48

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Immigration Department eases visa extension for foreign citizens

16:32 | 03/04/2020

The Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security has issued an official document allowing foreign citizens staying in Vietnam who are unable to return home due to the impact of the novel coronavirus to extend their visas in the country and be exempt from fines for overstaying if necessary

immigration department eases visa extension for foreign citizens
The Immigration Department gives instructions on visa extensions for foreign citizens. Photo: Tuoi Tre (Young Age) newspaper
The new regulations will allow all foreign nationals who have entered the country on a visa-free basis or by using a tourist visa, including e-visas, and cannot leave the nation for reasons such as being isolated, their flight being cancelled, or the closure of borders, to temporarily extend their stay in the country. This can be done for a maximum of 30 days through a foreign national’s respective embassy or consulate who must submit the necessary documents to the Immigration Department.

Applications to extend a person’s stay in the country must include a passport, a declaration form, papers proving the person has the right to be in Vietnam, a medical declaration, and payment of fees according to regulations set out by the Ministry of Finance.

The process will take the Immigration Department five working days to return the results from the date of receiving a complete and valid dossier, with the this policy set to be in place from March 30 to April 30.

It is the responsibility of embassies and consulates to manage citizens who have had their rights protected by the latest policy whilst co-ordinating alongside Vietnamese authorities to deal with citizen-related issues when necessary.

For cases regarding foreign nationals seeking to enter the country for the purpose of business, work, or for diplomatic reasons, embassies and consulates are required to guide citizens to contact the necessary agencies, organisations, and inpiduals in accordance with the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam.

Moreover, any inpiduals who overstays their visa for less than 10 days as a result of a force majeure may be considered for exemption from administrative fines providing they have the correct papers and supporting documents.

Source: VOV