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How is the quality of E5 bio-fuel controlled?

20:27 | 11/01/2018

VCN - In order to manage the quality of E5 bio-fuel, technical standards have been developed and complied to US standards and updated regularly in accordance with world trends.

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how is the quality of e5 bio fuel controlled

Currently, many consumers are still afraid of the quality of E5 bio-fuel. Photo: Nguyen Thanh

There are no vehicles damaged due to E5 bio-fuel

Speaking at an online conference titled "In order for people not to be afraid of ethanol fuel" organized by Ministry of Transport on 10th January 2018, in terms of the monitoring process of E5 bio-fuel quality in Vietnam, Nguyen Van Mr. Khoi, Deputy Director in charge of Directorate for Standards, General Department for Standardization, Metrology and Quality under the Ministry of Science and Technology said: There are 19 standards, besides TCVN 8063, which is the national standard for quality control, and there are standards for the amount of ethanol in E5 bio-fuel, and many other relevant standards.

All the standards follow the US standards and the most common standards today. The process of development and edition of the standards has involved many concerned parties, such as representatives of enterprises, management agencies, consultancy and commentators.

"As of 2010, E5 bio-fuel has been deployed and piloted in Vung Tau through some taxi companies. During the past, when piloting E5 bio-fuel in 6 major cities, we have strengthened the market management, testing and fast testing in the market. To this date, the reports show that there were no vehicles damaged by E5 bio-fuel” Mr. Khoi stressed.

Regarding this issue, Nguyen Phu Cuong, Director of the Department of Science and Technology (MOIT), added, “The development of the Vietnamese Technical Standards for E5 quality control, besides State management agencies, is also represented by fuel manufacturers and car manufacturers. These standards are also constantly updated and reviewed to match with the common trend of the world. Vietnamese standards of fuel quality management must correspond with those in other countries in the world.”

"Regarding E5 bio-fuel quality management, the Government assigned the Ministry of Science and Technology to be in charge of, specifically, the General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality. The Department of Science and Technology is the coordinating unit, but petrol in particular and fuel in general are strictly managed in accordance with the Law on standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment, or evaluated in the process at the manufacturing facilities” Mr. Cuong affirmed

Is E5 bio-fuel really cheap?

Being sold nationwide and replacing RON 92 petrol from 1st January 2018 at a cheaper price, some people said that actually E5 bio-fuel is not cheap because E5 price is subsidized by the State.

In response to this concern, Mr. Cuong explained: The Government guided to encourage the use of new fuel in many ways. Many countries apply incentives on taxes and fees to promote eco-friendly products. Regarding RON 92 petrol and E5 bio-fuel, on the basis of previous RON 92 petrol prices, the Government used fees and tax policies to make a lower difference for E5 bio-fuel. The highest difference was about VND 1,000, sometimes only VND 300. The average difference was VND 500. According to Nguyen Phu Cuong, currently, the environmental fee for E5 bio-fuel is lower than that for 100% petrol. Secondly, the special consumption taxes are different. Now, from requests from many parties, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is reporting to the Government on further reducing the environmental fee for eco-friendly products, such as E5 bio-fuel. This is the basis for price differences.

In addition, Mr. Cuong also emphasized that one cannot compare the price of E5 with RON 95 and say that the increase in RON 95 price is to force people to use E5.

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"Even at the time when RON 92 and E5 bio-fuel became available, the difference in price between the two types was VND 700 - 800. However, they were petrol of the same type and subject to standard EURO 2 pricing. The current RON 95 petrol that many people are saying had a sudden price rise is petrol of standard prices subject to EURO 3 and 4. The standards for this petrol is stricter. This fuel in other countries is also sold at higher prices because it requires better petrochemical filtering technology. If comparing EURO 2 RON 95 with EURO 4, their prices in the world market have a difference of VND 100-200 per litre. The comparison between RON 95 and E5 is unreasonable. The Government does not force the use of E5, but only encourages the use of it by incentives of price, taxes, and fees". Mr. Cuong stressed.

According to Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Head of Policy Subcommittee, Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA): The survey results of VAMA members showed that the use of E5 bio-fuel does not affect vehicles manufactured from 1997. Vehicles manufactured before 1997 might be affected but not affected in performance and safety. In addition, it is possible to use ethanol fuel with a maximum content of 10% and octane level in accordance with regulations (minimum 91%). When using, vehicles often produce a slight knock. The user should consult the manufacturer when raising speed or climbing. However, this is also a completely normal.

By Thanh Nguyen / Huyen Trang