June 05, 2020 15:59

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Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park Customs Branch: public consultation to change thinking and responsibilities of Customs andenterprises

09:35 | 07/04/2020

VCN- Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park Customs Branch (Da Nang Customs Department) has had many effective methods, contributing to changing the thinking and awareness of civil servants on their duties: "Respect for the people, close to the people, understand the people, learn the people, take responsibility to the people and serve the people".

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hoa khanh lien chieu industrial park customs branch public consultation to change thinking and responsibilities of customs enterprises
Da Nang Customs officers handle procedures for enterprises. Photo: N. Linh

Accompanying businesses

After more than 20 years of construction and growth, Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park Customs Branch has made great efforts, contributing to the results of Da Nang Customs Department and the Customs sector, chief among them building the image of customs officersunder its management areas, contributing to facilitating production, business and customs clearance for import-export enterprises.

Manager of the customs branch CaoVan Nhan said the effectiveness of the public consultation at State agencies is shown in the level of satisfaction of the people. For public consultation, the customs branch on the one hand has communicated and askedeach customs officer to follow the Party’s policies, resolutions, State laws and Ho Chi Minh thought andon the other hand, associated the public consultation with the promotion of administrative reform and modernization efforts.

The unit regularly maintains and promotes administrative reform and business support viaadministrative procedure reform and IT application to operations. It has created a change in the IT application in operation of the unit, improving the professionalism in operations and information exchange. Currently, more than90% of documents sent or received by the unit are exchanged via electronic methods and95% of civil servants often use the official email system, minimizing the meetings at the unit. Importantly, each civil servant always takes satisfaction of the business as a measure for his capacity in doinghis own work.

To create favourable conditions for the business community, Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park Customs Branch has also stepped up construction and development of Customs-Business partnership model, strengthened information exchange and cooperation with relevant agencies and organizations inside and outside the sector. This model aims to strengthen partnerships and cooperation between the two sides, support businesses in import and export activities to grasp and comply with guidelines and laws of the State, as well as understand the difficulties and obstacles that businesses are facing to remove and create the most favourable conditions for businesses in the customs process at the unit.

According to Nhan, to develop the customs – business partnership model, the forms must be various, rich and practical thereby attracting businesses to participate in cooperation with the Customs agency. In addition to quarterly dialogues with the business community and related parties, the direct dialogue activities with each enterprise upon requests are also timely organised; information is also provided for businesses monthly via email. Along with that, a form which has ever held by the unit to link with businesses is the organization of the contest "Understanding Customs Laws", to improve the quality and effectiveness of communication, dissemination of customs laws to the business. Businesses have been encouraged to participate in partnership activities and become partners of Customs.

Building solidary and professional contingent

An important content that the Customs Branch of HoaKhanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park has focused on is the building and protection of the "brand" of Da Nang Customs. According to manager Cao Van Nhan, each customs officer understands that it is necessary to take more concrete and practical actions to build the reputation of the industry, the department and each customs officer. To this end, the unit has taken many solutions. First, each customs officer is proactive, positive and creative in carrying out their tasks, to avoid delay, backlog and congestion that make businesses wait, complain, blame, criticize and comment on the performance of customs officers.

Besides, each public servant is a propagandist to communicate and explain to businesses to understand that to clear import-export goods, in addition to customs procedures, goods must also be managed by other ministries and agencies. Specifically, the specialized inspection is stipulated by ministries and agencies, the customs agency is only the focal point to notify and receive the results. To avoid this misunderstanding, during dialogues and consultations, the unit has tried to explain and provide data to prove for businesses to understand; at the same time, facilitate and supportand provide information to customs declarants in a timely fashion; publicise customs procedures at checkpoints; promptly and properly handle problems for businesses in customs process and enhance risk managementin customs operations.

According to manager Cao Van Nhan, public consultation needs to be carried out synchronously. This is not only carried out for businesses but also for customs officers.

“Besides paying attention to applying information technology to operations, improving the quality of human resources, the unit also enhances internal inspection and control for the implementation of customs procedures and monitors acts of civil servants in duty performance. Policies related to civil servants, such as training, retraining, assignment, staffing arrangement, planning, appointment, commendation and discipline, etc. are publicized and consulted before announcing the decision,” said Nhan.

From the solutions mentioned above, the unit has always been assessed by businesses for a satisfaction level 100 for many years. As shared by Cao Van Nhan, there is no joy rather than hearing directly from the business community: "Da Nang Customs is one of the cutest customs in the country". This is a great encouragement for Da Nang Customs officers.



By N. Linh/ Huyen Trang