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Hiring 4 million vnd to declare smuggled ivory

10:15 | 21/10/2016

VCN- According to a new information about 2 tons of smuggled ivory which was detected by the Customs Branch of Sai Gon port Zone 1, on October 6, 2016, the company staff and director were hired for 4 million vnd to implement Customs procedures for 2 containers of Sapele Wood by the Dieu Tien Service and Trading Limited Liability Company.

hiring 4 million vnd to declare smuggled ivory
The employees declared the Customs procedure for Dieu Tien Ltd.,Co (red shirt) and witnessed the inspection of smuggled ivory

According to the Customs Branch of Sai Gon port Zone 1, after signing the decision to prosecute the criminal incident on smuggling of ivory in Cat Lai Port related to the Dieu Tien Ltd.,Co, the Department will continue to collaborate with the Police authority to find the owner of more than 2 tons of African ivory.

Discussing with the correspondent of the Customs newspaper, the female employee who was licenced by a letter of introduction by the Dieu Tien Ltd.,Co to implement the Customs procedures for the shipment said that she was not an employee of Dieu Tien Ltd.,Co and she was only an emplyee of a Customs broker. She was hired to declare the Customs procedures for the shipment under declaration No.101065330921/A11. All the dossiers, the letter of introduction, the Certificate of Phytosanitary, and tax payment for the shipment were provided by the Dieu Tien Ltd.,Co.

The name on the declaration of the shipment is Dieu Tien Service and Trading Limited Liability Company (located at 66/8 Tai Thiet Street, 11 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City). Although the Company was licenced to establish operations in the end of 2015, there is no Company existing at the registered address and only a small store in place..

Commenting on this smuggling, Mr. Dong Dai Loc, the Deputy Director General of the General Department of Police- Ministry of Public Secutity said that this was a large shipment of smuggled ivory with sophisticated methods and was carefully prepared by the perpetrators for transportation from abroad to Vietnam. The enterprise that imported this shipment may be a “ghost enterprise”.

hiring 4 million vnd to declare smuggled ivory 2 tons of smuggled ivory at Cat Lai port were African ivory

According to the analysis of Mr.Dong Dai Loc, Vietnam was not a potential market for ivory consumption, but it was the place where perpetrators took advantage of illegally importing ivory to transit to other countries. Not only this incident, but in Tien Sa Port-Da Nang functional forces constantly detect many cases of smuggled ivory.

There has been a lot of smuggled ivory detected and prevented from import at the airport. However, it is very difficult to detect the smuggling gangs due to the perpetrators carefully preparing for the receiver in Vietnam and seldomly appearing in person.

By Le Thu/Hoang Loan