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HiepPhuoc border gate Customs branch: Detected 3 containers of smuggled goods

15:42 | 03/10/2016

VCN- On 29-92016, the Customs Branch of HiepPhuoc border gate under Ho Chi Minh Customs Department announcedthat the unit had coordinatedwith related units to research 3 containers which were detected to containbanned imports.

hiepphuoc border gate customs branch detected 3 containers of smuggled goods
Smuggled goods seized at HiepPhuoc Port.

On 28-92016, the Customs Branch ofHiepPhuoc Port collaborated with PC46unit of Ho Chi Minh Police and other related units to make decisions and conduct a search of3 containersthat were suspected of smuggled goods at Tan CangHiepPhuoc Port.Physical inspection findings showed that the entire goods in the 3 containers were used household electrical appliances (belonging to the list of banned imports).

According to the initial investigation, the above shipments' recipient was an enterprise with foreign investment in Binh Duong. At present, the incident has been recorded in a temporary seizure document by the Customs Branch of HiepPhuocport for furtherinvestigation and handling in accordance with laws.

By Thu Hoa/ Tuan Cuong