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HCM City: Strengthen on managing import – export activities of petrol

15:13 | 24/07/2019

VCN – According to directives on preventing and anti-smuggling,trade fraud and counterfeit goods, HCM City People’s Committee requested HCM City Customs Department to strengthen the management of declaration and activities of enterprises operating petrol, solvent and toluen.   

hcm city strengthen on managing import export activities of petrol
Customs officials of Saigon port area 3 supervised the import of petrol. Photo: T.H

HCM City People’s Committee directed departments to strengthen preventing smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods to not prolong the situation of violation leading to the establishment of inland lines, gathering points, gathering points of counterfeit goods and fraudulent origin of Vietnam.

Leaders of HCM City People Committee directed HCM City Customs Department to strengthen the management of declaration and activities of enterprises operating petrol, solvent and toluen; at the same time, strengthen inspection, control and timely prevent violation in the field of operating petrol via airway, seaway, seaport and bonded warehouses.

HCM City Tax Department needed to strengthen the management of tax obligations and declarations of those enterprises.

HCM City Industry and Trade Department must control granting licenses of operating business of petrol, solvent and conduct a general review of activities of enterprises operating petrol that have been licensed.

HCM City Science and Technology Department should strengthen inspections and collect samples of petrol at gas stations in the area; concentrate on verifying, inspection and control of petrol quality and measurement; clarifying acts, scales, objects, lines and groups for thorough handling if there are signs of violations of counterfeit petrol, and immediately transfering dossiers to competent agencies for criminal prosecution.

Command of Border Defence force of HCM City should patrol and handle acts of smuggling, storing and transporting petrol and producing counterfeit petrol in seaports, estuaries, wharves and ships.

Ho Chi Minh City Police should set up a plan to destroy violation lines and gathering points in the operating business of petrol; arrest, investigate and handle the subjects of conspiracy, leadership, the bosses of the organisation producing counterfeit petrol.

The Department of Information and Communications of HCM City organized propaganda for organisations, individuals and consumers that should not buy, use, or consume fuel at illegal trading places; propagating sanctions for violations in operating business of petrol; publicising gas stations operatingcounterfeit, ineligible petrol on mass media.

In addition, the District People's Committees should be responsible for inspecting and strictly handling violations in operatingbusiness activities of petrol in the locality; especially import and export units of petrol, general agencies, agency, gas stations, spontaneous business households on petrol; at the same time propagating the harmful effects of using counterfeit petrol, affecting engine performance and potentially creating a high risk of explosion.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy