April 26, 2019 16:59

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HCM City Customs signed cooperation agreement with customs broker

19:22 | 04/12/2018

VCN – HCM City Customs Department and Interlink Joint Stock Company have signed a cooperation agreement on information mechanism, supporting and strengthen cooperation of Customs - Business. This is the first time the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department signed a cooperation agreement with customs brokers.

hcm city customs signed cooperation agreement with customs broker
Two parties agreed to sign the cooperation agreement.

The purpose of signing a cooperation agreement between two parties is aimed to promote and facilitate to trading operation as well as import-export activities of the business community to be equal, healthy and comply with the customs law.

Forming working group customs - enterprises is active core in the cooperation for improving and enhance the quality of Customs-business partnerships;

To guide and assist enterprises in strictly implementing the customs law, self-compliance with the law and preventing violations of customs law;

To enhance the effectiveness of customs authorities, transparency of customs operations and improve the quality of handling administrative procedures in the customs field; At the same time, enhancing the cooperation capacity of enterprises with customs authorities.

According to the agreement, in the first year, the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department and Interlink Joint Stock Company applied solution 1 which is information in the development of customs - business partnerships.

Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department provided to Interlink information using information in various forms including Guidance, supporting and promptly solving problems arising in the process of implementing customs procedures;

To exchange, update and provide information on new specialized inspection regulations and policies on import and export goods;

To exchange, update and provide information on new laws and processes about customs management, cargo clearance, programs and activities of customs – business cooperation of; Provision of information to proactively prevent and combat acts of violating customs law.

After the implementation of the information solution, if the results are good, the parties will consider discussing the agreement on the partner in solution 2 which is consultation. Two parties will implement and consult the issues as proposed by each party; To monitor the implementation of the solution after consultancy.

The content of the cooperative solution in solution 2 - Consultation including Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department held discussions with Interlink Joint Stock Company to find the optimal solution for issues related to the implementation of state management tasks in the customs field and optimizing the efficiency of import-export activities.

In that, remove obstacles, improve service conditions, renovate management methods, apply advanced science and technology and improve customs legislation;

To apply science and technology in import-export activities, transit, development of public services; Solutions for solving problems, obstacles or difficulties which obstruct or affect customs clearance and import-export activities of enterprises.

Actively synthesize feedbacks and recommendations from each party on customs law enforcement and regularly informing to another party as a form designated by the two parties. Discussing specific issues which have summarized and forward to the other party.

Furthermore, coordinating to consult based on the results of synthesizing, analyzing and evaluating opinions of each party on the situation of customs law enforcement.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy