April 06, 2020 18:22

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HCM City Customs and Police coordinates to investigate more than 1,000 cases

10:35 | 17/02/2020

VCN – On February 12, at the conference reviewing 10 years of implementing coordination regulations between HCM City Customs Department and HCM City Police, the two units signed a regulation on coordination in internal protection, economic security and the struggle against crime and law violations.

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Leader of HCM City Customs and HCM City Police rewarded the collectives and individuals. Photo: T.H

During the 10 years (from 2010-2019) of the implementation of coordination regulations, the Police and HCMC Customs Department regularly exchanged new regulations, guidelines, policies and laws of the State related to police and customs operations; exchanging and providing information on crimes infringing upon economic management, acts of intellectual property infringement, counterfeit goods and cybercrimes, drug-related crimes and relevant criminal lines and groups operating within the city.

For criminal cases, when investigation agencies prosecute the cases, they received enthusiastic and quick coordination from Ho Chi Minh City Customs.

On the other hand, when receiving a request of Ho Chi Minh City Customs for coordination, Ho Chi Minh City Police Department assigned related units to coordinate and quickly verify, investigate and provide information to Ho Chi Minh City Customs as soon as possible.

With smooth coordination, each year, the two forces coordinated, investigated, clarified and prosecuted many cases of smuggling and tax evasion.

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Collectives of HCM City Police awarded certificates of merit from the Director of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department. Photo: T.H

Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department Phan Minh Le said that many contents of coordination have been highly effective. Specifically from 2010 to 2019, the HCM City Customs Department coordinated with Ho Chi Minh City Police to handle 1,036 cases.

In particular, coordinating to provide information in 662 cases and coordinating to conduct physical inspections in 171 cases. In addition transferring to Ho Chi Minh City Police for investigation and considering to prosecute 183 cases related to smuggling and illegal transport of goods and currencies across borders; trade fraud and tax evasion.

In particular, in the fight against drugs, the two forces have coordinated to inspect, investigate and close many key projects, seizing more than 8.25 tonnes of drugs from 2010 to the present.

Appreciating the coordination between the two forces, Colonel Nguyen Sy Quang, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Police Department said Ho Chi Minh City has many characteristics, identified as "low-lying areas" of various crimes. Therefore, coordination between the Police and Ho Chi Minh City Customs in the performance of tasks and prevention of law violations was essential. Throughout 10 years of coordination, the two forces have implemented the coordination regulations quite well, gaining significant achievements.

The use of information technology in operations and information exchange was very convenient in operation and deployment. However, facing cyber security attacks which were very dangerous, the two forces need to pay attention when deploying, especially confidential information.

Promoting achieved results, the two parties continued to sign coordination regulations in internal protection, economic security protection, crime prevention and legal violations, with many new contents complying with the actual situation.

tin nhap 20200216154407
Leaders of two units signed new regulation on coordination. Photo: T.H

To implement the regulation of coordination, leaders of the two forces gave directives after this conference and the working group of the two parties must thoroughly grasp the entire content of the regulation to all officials and soldiers of each force to implement the task well. Subordinate units need to develop appropriate content for deployment.

At the conference, eight collectives and six individuals of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department and Ho Chi Minh City Police Department were awarded certificates of merit by Director of the HCM City Police Department and Director of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy