December 11, 2018 06:10

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HCM City: collect arrears and sanction over 750 billion VND from tax inspection

09:53 | 28/04/2018

VCN – According to HCM City Tax Department, in quarter 1 of 2018, the unit has conducted inspection of 4,402 enterprises with the amount of tax arrears and sanction of 750.67 billion VND, deducted value added tax by 166.1 billion VND, loss reduction was 4,416.73 billion VND.

tin nhap 20180423161238
Transaction at HCM City Tax Department. Photo: Nguyễn Huế

In that, HCM City Tax Department has conducted office audit at tax department for 33,330 tax declaration d, reduced by 18 % over the same period, the amount of additional tax declaration was 2.6 billion VND, equal to 24% over the same period in 2017.

The Tax Department also conducted on site audits at the headquarters for 4,131 turns of businesses, up 14% over the same period, reaching 21% of the plan in 2018. Taxes collected was 384.7 billion, up 8% over the same period; deducted value added tax was 44.2 billion, a loss reduction of 1,718.6 billion VND.

Regarding the inspection, in the first quarter, the HCM City Tax Department conducted inspections of 271 dossiers, a decrease of 10% over the same period. The tax arrears and sanctions were 365.97 billion VND, reduced by 41% over the same period, deducted by 121.9 billion VND; reduced losses by 2,698.13 billion VND.

By Nguyễn Huế/Thanh Thuy