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Hanoi Stock Exchange has new regulation about release of information

10:00 | 25/10/2016

VCN – CEO of Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) has signed a decision issued Regulation on release of information at HNX in order to guide the participants to  perform the releasing of information in a favorable way, toward the purpose of transparency of companies’ information in the stock market.

hanoi stock exchange has new regulation about release of information
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Accordingly, the Regulation is based on the guiding principles of the regulations on publicizing information of Circular 155/2015/TT-BTC and other legal documents for disclosure of information on HNX, update the guidelines of the State Securities Commission after the Circular was issued.

Moreover, the notable content in the new regulation of releasing information is about encouraging listed organizations or registed for trading and stock exchange companies to release information in English in order to enhance the transparency of information, meet the requirements of foreign investors and gradually meet the requirements of upgrading the stock market.

Furthermore, the regulation also stipulates the method for sending information of organizations/individuals in order to announce information. Also, stipulates the method of sending information for organizations/individuals that are authorized from private investors.

For the operations of semi-foreclosure at the stock member company, after the implementation of semi-foreclosure, the stock company will inform internal customers and related people in order to know customers are implementing the disclosure obligations under the law. In case the member cancels the semi-foreclosure order which was announced earlier, a member will implement the information disclosure of the cancellation of semi-foreclosure orders that mortgage.

For groups of foreign investors, disclosure obligations for this group are based on the total percentage of ownership of the party which is not based on ownership percentage of each team member.

Regulations also supplement the specific regulations on the disclosure of information about transactions public offer is made under the provisions of Decree No. 58/2012 / ND-CP and Circular 162/2015 /TT-BTC.

By Thuy Linh/Thanh Thuy