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Hanoi: Smuggling and counterfeit goods still occurs complicatedly

09:57 | 15/07/2017

VCN - The situation of smuggling in Hanoi still happens complicatedly that causing annoyance in society. In fact, there are many shortcomings in policy and mechanism that creating a loophole for the traffickers causing difficulties for the competent forces in the struggle.

hanoi smuggling and counterfeit goods still occurs complicatedly
Overview of the conference. Photo: Q.H

That is the content of the discussion at summing up the work in the first half of the year and deployment of tasks in the last 6 months of 2017 conference of the Steering Committee 389 of Hanoi on 11/7. Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Hanoi – Mr. Le Hong Son, Head of Steering Committee 389 of Hanoi presided over the conference.

At the conference, Deputy Director of Industry and Trade Department of Hanoi – Mr. Chu Xuan Kien reports on the results of the fight against smuggling, trade frauds, and counterfeit goods.

The situation of transporting and trading prohibited goods, smuggled goods, producing and trading fake goods and violations of food hygiene and safety still take place on a variety of tricks and type of operation. Illegal goods and prohibited goods that are transported by group or lines have a connection between internal traffickers and border provinces in order to transport to Hanoi for consumption.

Furthermore, smugglers often collect their goods in neighboring provinces such as Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen ... or in some locations, places in suburban Hanoi to subdivide and then transporting in many waves in order to avoid the inspection and control of competent forces. Smuggling occurs commonly in some essential goods items such as tobacco, wine, fruit, agricultural produce, ready-to-wear clothing, electronics, etc.

Additionally, the production and trade of counterfeit goods, intellectual property infringement goods increase rapidly in some consumer goods, electronics, handbags, cosmetics and supplementary foods that produced domestically and over land. Then they seek to bring those goods into domestic market for consumption. By taking advantage of sale apathy of businesses in the protection of their brands and products, as well as the awareness of the people in distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit goods, the smugglers try to many ways to bring counterfeit goods faking up famous foreign brands to the market so it affect to lives and health of consumers as well as the reputation of original brands.

Facing the above situation, the Steering Committee 389 of Hanoi has put forward a number of undertakings and comprehensive solutions for fighting against smuggling, trade frauds, and counterfeit goods. At the same time, directing the competent forces to strengthen the coordination for inspection, control and strictly handling violations. Also, the city focused on propaganda and dissemination of law in order to contribute to sustaining the economic situation, security, politics, social order, and safety.

Moreover, in the first 6 months of 2017, the competent forces in the area have conducted an inspection and checked 19,057 cases, handling 12,162 cases (an increase of 1,033 cases compared to the same period in 2016); Prosecuted 42 cases and 48 defendants. In particular, the Police force handled 1,313 cases; Market management handled 4,697 cases; Customs handling 460 cases ... Through the handling of violations, the forces collected to the State budget of 1,569.5 billion vnd (increased by 172 billion vnd over the same period in 2016).

The conference also received many opinions from the Police, Customs, Health and Agriculture forces. In that, the representatives of the units suggested some difficulties related to the coordination and information exchange between the forces; Lack of storages and destruction of violated evidence,… At the same time, representatives also proposed to National Steering Committee 389 shall set up a key project for each force on the term and on large scale; direct the competent forces in border provinces to collaborate to prevent smuggling goods at the border gate.

Attending the conference, Chief of Permanent Office of National Steering Committee 389 Dam Thanh The said that, the smuggling situation in Hanoi has occurred complicatedly, causing annoyance in society. The reason is that due to the use of high technology in order to perform the transaction contract; We have human forces but some of them do not take seriously in performing assigned task, especially the collaboration between competent forces. In fact, there are many shortcomings in policy and mechanism, creating a loophole for the activists causing difficulties for the competent forces in the struggle.

In the coming time, the Steering Committee 389 of Hanoi needs to overcome the difficulties, focus on identifying objective causes, work out solutions and effective strategies.

The Steering Committee 389 of Hanoi should thoroughly grasp the guidance of the Government, the Prime Minister, National Steering Committee 389 (Resolution No. 41, Directive No. 30); directing the competent force to implement basic investigation, follow up the field, identify the situation. At the same time, open the peak of the fight against smuggling under the key project; reviewing, proposing and finalizing inadequate documents; Exchange information accurately, synchronously deploying effective professional measures.

Agreement with the above opinion, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Hanoi – Mr. Le Hong Son stressed that in the future, competent forces, districts will continue to grasp the location, the situation; To intensify the propaganda for coordination and mobilization of people not to engage in the production and trading of illegally imported goods or inferior quality products.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy