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Hanoi Customs: Strictly control groups of key goods

09:55 | 07/12/2019

VCN - The year-end is always the peak time of the risk of smuggling and trade fraud, especially in areas under the management of Hanoi Customs Department with air, post and express routeshot spots of smuggling, trade fraud, illegal transportation of essential consumer goods, goods with high export duty andprohibited goods.

tin nhap 20191206161057 Hanoi Customs Department expected to hit revenue target of VND 22,575 billion
tin nhap 20191206161057 Ha Noi Customs controls commodities with high risk oforigin fraud
tin nhap 20191206161057 Hanoi Customs recover more than 53 billion VND after publicizing enterprises owing debt
tin nhap 20191206161057
Officials of Customs Sub-Department of NoiBai International Airport supervise the baggage of immigration passengers through scanners. Photo T.A.

Proactively control the situation

Tocontrol the situation, promptly fight and prevent legal violations, the Hanoi Customs Department has built a plan to fight smuggling, trade frauds, counterfeit goods and illegal goods transportation across borders before, during and after the Lunar New Year. Measures to strengthen patrol, control, detect, prevent and promptly handle subjects of smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across borders have been elaborated on each key item, and route. The main goal is to strictly control prohibited goods and goods affecting social security, safe and order, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, conditional import goods, high tax rate goods and essential consumer goods during the Lunar New Year such as weapons, drugs, firecrackers and explosives, wildlife, mobile phones, garment, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, confectionery, food, cattle andpoultry, all kinds of books, cultural products, reactionary documents, electronic tools containing cultural products andreactionary documents.

Talking to reporters of Customs News, Deputy Director of the Customs Sub-Department at NoiBai International Airport, Pham XuanTien said smuggling and transportation of banned goods is becoming more complicated. The number of immigration passengers and import-export goods is increasing while the unit has to ensure clear customs procedures andcreate maximum conditions for passengers and enterprises but still ensure strict control and prevention of smuggling effectively. From the beginning of the year to the middle of November 2019, the unit has handled 59 violations.

“The hidden tricks of the violating subjects are becoming more and more sophisticated. Notably as in the case of July 2019, the Customs Sub-Department of NoiBai International Airport in coordination with functional forces detected 55 rhino horn pieces hidden in plaster to avoid detection byfunctional forces. In November, the Hanoi Customs Department coordinated with forces to find two rhino horns hidden in a blue air tank that was transported from Angola in transit via Bangkok (Thailand) on the flight VN614 to NoiBai– Vietnam,”Tien said.

Facing complex smuggling, trade fraud, illegal transportation of drugs, the Customs Sub-Department of NoiBai International Airport is following the plan of the Hanoi Customs Department to direct officials focusing on key routes and goods via air. In particular, strengthening inspection and control of import and export goods and luggage of immigration passengers to detect prohibited goods (weapons, explosive materials, firecrackers of all kinds, drugs, wildlife, products from wild animals, reactionary cultural production andelectronic tools containing reactionary materials). High-value consumer goods, high tax rate goods (gold, foreign currencies, mobile phones, consumer electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, beer, cigars, cigarettes andfood).

Beware of drugs via express route

Deputy Director of Express Customs Sub-Department Nguyen DanhNghia said the unit discovered many tricks that subjects took advantage of post and express to send drugs to Vietnam. “The subjects take advantage of gifts to hide alittle amount of drugs in gift packages of sweets, cosmetics or some common items to pass functional forces. Typically in September 2019, the Express Customs Sub-Department coordinated with the Anti-smuggling Investigation Department and the Drug Control Team to develop a special project to coordinate with Da Nang Customs to arrest a foreign personreceiving postal items from Belgium, containing 250 grams of synthetic drug. The act of hiding the drugs is exactly like the warning above, the subjects hide the drugs in small parcels hidden in ordinary things,”Nghia said.

Before the happenings and local characteristics, according to Nguyen DanhNghia, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the volume of goods sent by post and express would increase significantly, from 10-20 percent, so the Sub-Department built management measures to closely follow the plan of Hanoi Customs Department. “The leaders of the Sub-Department often thoroughly grasped the officials to strengthen the management and supervision, mainly focusing on the screening work to detect suspicious signs to take professional measures on fighting. In particular, the unit cooperates closely with functional forces to collect and capture information on violations,"Nghiasaid.

Not only in the above key areas, the Hanoi Customs Department has developed plans and directed units to intensify the fight against smuggling, trade fraud, fake goods and illegal cross-border transportation of goods before, during and after the Lunar New Year 2020. In particular, the Customs Sub-Departments will strengthen the inspection, supervision and customs control for export and import goods, identifying key routes/areas, key items, expect violations which can arise, arrange forces to fight, prevent, detect and promptly handle . Assign specific tasks to teams and working groups to inspect and closely supervise import and export goods, immigration passenger s, combat smuggling, trade frauds, counterfeit goods, and illegal cross-border transportation. Guarantee good implementation and performance of customs clearance in the ​​management and release of goods, not to cause congestion before, during and after the Lunar New Year.

In the management area of the Hanoi Customs Department, many customs law violations have been detected: violations of customs declaration, delayed submission of liquidation dossiers for processed goods, production goods for export, tax refund dossiers, and non-collection tax, not storing samples, not re-exporting and re-importing goods within the time limit registered with the Customs office; Imports of goods without permits, goods banned from export and import (air guns and support tools; wildlife and products from wild animals). Goods with high tax rates, great value (precious metals, cosmetics, high-end consumer goods, household appliances). Illegally transporting, trading and storing drugs (marijuana and synthetic drugs) in various forms and increasingly sophisticated tricks.

Since the beginning of 2019, Hanoi Customs Department has detected and handled 1,111 violations, including: 22 drug cases; 26 cases of smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation of goods; 1,063 administrative customs violations with a total fine of 70.15 billion VND. Prosecuting twocases and requesting Hanoi City Police to prosecute twocases.

By Ngoc Linh/ Binh Minh