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Hanoi Customs recover more than 53 billion VND after publicizing enterprises owing debt

09:12 | 07/10/2019

VCN – After publicizing the list of enterprises owing debt, many enterprises have fully implemented their tax obligations.

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Professional activities at Vinh Phuc Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh

In the recent list of tax debt information in August 2019 publicized by the Hanoi Customs Department, enterprises that had fulfilled their obligations of paying tax debts, late payment and fines to the State Budget have been updated.

Accordingly, the branch of Denso Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Hanoi paid a tax amount of over 51 billion VND to the state budget. Next, VINA Insurance Co., Ltd paid an amount of over one billion VND of tax into the state budget; GBS International Co., Ltd also paid nearly 222 million VND in tax; TAJIMA STEEL Vietnam Co., Ltd paid an amount of over 267 billion VND.

Besides updating enterprises that have completed their tax obligations to the state budget, Hanoi Customs Department also publiclized a list of 21 enterprises owing tax debt in August 2019. These were recoverable debts, with total amount of debts more than 3 billion VND.

In this list, Saigon-Hanoi ICMM., JSC was top with an amount of tax debt of more than 1.4 billion VND, arising from post-clearance audit; followed by An Huy Investment and Trading Co., Ltd. with an amount of tax of nearly 690 million VND, arising from post-clearance audit; Duc Phat Trading and Investment Development Co., Ltd owed more than 658 million VND, arising at Hoa Lac Customs Branch.

The enterprises owing tax debts that had fulfilled their tax obligations to the state budget would be updated by the Hanoi Customs Department each subsequent month.

According to the Hanoi Customs Department, implementing measures of recovering tax debts, for the overdue debts, the unit actively implemented the recovery measures and coercive measures in accordance with the process of Debt Management and other revenues collected from import and export goods issued together with Decision 1503/QD-TCHQ dated May 18, 2018 and instructions in the Document No. 5257/TCHQ-TXNK dated September 10, 2018.

For debts arising in 2019 which arised due to tax imposition, late payment and other debts, the Hanoi Customs Department has directed its units to monitor each declaration and enterprise in order to urge and coerce them in accordance with regulations.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy