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Hanoi Customs Department expected to hit revenue target of VND 22,575 billion

08:26 | 01/12/2019

VCN- With the growth rate of turnover of taxable goodsrelatively positive, the Hanoi Customs Department expects that the budget revenue will reach VND 22,575 billionin 2019.  

hanoi customs department is expected to hit revenue target of vnd 22575 billion Ha Noi Customs controls commodities with high risk oforigin fraud
hanoi customs department is expected to hit revenue target of vnd 22575 billion Hanoi Customs recover more than 53 billion VND after publicizing enterprises owing debt
hanoi customs department is expected to hit revenue target of vnd 22575 billion Hanoi Customs collected more than 400 billion VND of tax
hanoi customs department is expected to hit revenue target of vnd 22575 billion
Customs operation at Noi Bai International Airport. Photo: N.L

According to Deputy Director of Hanoi Customs Department Tran Quoc Dinh, as of November 17, the department collected VND 20,615 billion, reaching 96 percent of the ordinance target and 94 percent of the desired target, up 9 percent compared to 2018.

This result is due to the positive growth of import and export turnover of some taxable commodities. Specifically, as of November 15, turnover of taxable goods was US$6.954 million, equivalent to 123.8 percent compared to 2018, of which some commodity groups increased sharply both in turnover and revenue.

Dinh said from the beginning of the year, the Department built a plan to follow Directive No.723/CT-TCHQ of the General Department of Vietnam Customssynchronously and drastically implementing solutions for trade facilitation and anti-losses in performing the State budget collection task in 2019.

The department has actively sent a written request to the Department of Planning and Investment, the Management Board of industrial parks of Hanoi city, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Yen Bai and Hoa Binh provinces to coordinate and instruct new investment projects in carrying out customs procedures in these areas.

The revenue from the commodity group of machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts also increased sharply because Ha Noi Customs Department instructed and created favorable conditions for investment projects in carrying out procedures such as the Project of Pilot Urban Railway (running from Nhon to Hanoi Railway Station); the Project of breeding chicken and commercial laying eggs to produce clean chicken eggs; Project on constructing the Red River surface water plant, Duong River surface water plant, the project on plant producing electronic and telecommunication equipment.

In addition, CBU cars sharply increased because the GM Vietnam Co., Ltd.VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited carried out customs procedures for CBU cars of fewer than nine seats at the department.

Ha Noi Customs Department has deployed many plans on Customs reform and modernization such as the scheme of e-tax payment and Customs clearance 24/7, continued to deploy the Aviation National Single Window and Automated Customs Management system. With the implementation of the Automated Customs Management system, the Customs clearance time is significantly reduced compared to previously, enterprises can actively take goods, information on cleared goods automatically send to enterprises and aviation terminal operators via the system.

The Hanoi Customs Department has also implemented measures to combat revenue losses and strengthen the fight against smuggling and trade fraud. Especially, the post clearance audit in 2019 of the department has achieved outstanding results. As of November 15, revenue from the post clearance audit was VND450 billion, reaching 346 percent of the target. This is also a remarkable result in the whole sector.

Regarding the fight against smuggling, in 2019, the Hanoi Customs Department also implemented many plans, schemes and specialized plans such as: Specialized plan on control of smuggling and illegal transportation of wildlife products; Specialized plan on fightagainst smuggling and illegal transportation of cigars under its management; scheme on control of illegal import and export of precursors via the area; scheme on inspection for imports of used machinery, equipment and technological lines; scheme on supervising and controlling the import and export goods shifted to bonded warehouses.

As a result, in 2019, the department detected and handled more than 1,100 violations, including 22 drug cases; 26 cases of smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation of goods; more than 1,000 Customs administrative violations with total fines collected and contributed to the state budget of VND 70.15 billion.

In 2019, the Hanoi Customs Department has upgraded the National Single-Window system and the Automated customs management system at Noi Bai International Airport. 100% of airlines have registered to participate in the implementation of the National Single Window and send information to the National Single Window Portal as prescribed; completed deployment and connection to all three warehouses. Clearance time for a shipment is reduced from 3-6 hours to an average of 10 minutes.

Besides, the department deployed the Automatedcustoms management system at 18 of 36 warehouses, yards and ports; at the bonded warehouse of Noi Bai Catering Company and at the warehouse of Hateco Logistics.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan