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Hanoi Customs achieves 37.5% of current appropriation in revenue collection

10:02 | 25/06/2018

VCN – According to Hanoi Customs Department, the revenue collection from the beginning of the year to mid-June in 2018 was quite difficult, reaching 37.5% of current appropriation.

tin nhap 20180625083714
Professional activities at Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh

Specifically, as of 11/6/2018, the revenue collection of Hanoi Customs reached 8,849 billion VND, equaling 37.5% of the assigned current appropriation, equivalent to 96% over the same period of 2017.

While revenue collection from Hanoi area decreased to 6,643 billion VND over the previous year, equal to 33% of the current appropriation (equivalent to 89% compared with the same period in 2017), the area outside Hanoi has rapidly achieved 2,206 billion VND, equal to 63.9% of the current appropriation (equaling 129% of the same period of 2017).

Some units and Customs Branch under the Hanoi Customs Department have high rate of revenue collection, such as Vinh Phuc gained 1.923 billion VND, equaling 65.1% of the current appropriation; Noi Bai gained 1,507 billion VND, equaling 34.8% of the current appropriation; Post-clearance audit reached 115 billion VND, equaling 79% of the current appropriation; Bac Thang Long reached 622 billion VND, equivalent to 46.4% of the assigned current appropriation.

According to the Hanoi Customs Department, the reason is that a number of large enterprises in the area narrowed production; Some projects with large state budget payloads have completed importation in 2017 such as 4G project of Viettel, Mobiphone ...

In the future, the Hanoi Customs Department will continue implementing many measures to reform the administrative procedures and increase the contact with enterprises which have large revenue contributions in order to timely solving difficulties and problems arising in the course of carrying out customs procedures; To intensify the discipline of public servants so as to avoid causing troubles and harassment for enterprises. In addition, the units will continue to guide businesses with new projects about implementing customs clearance at the unit, thereby increasing the revenue collection in 2018.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy