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Handling strictly violations in the trading of Corona epidemic preventive medical devices

15:50 | 11/02/2020

VCN - Facing the market of medical equipment, masks and antibacterial soap related to prevention and control of disease by corona virus, causing fluctuations. The reporters interviewed Deputy Director of Market Management Department Hanoi Tran Viet Hung (pictured) about this issue.  

handling strictly violations in the trading of corona epidemic preventive medical devices
Deputy Director of Hanoi Market Management Department Tran Viet Hung

To strictly control activities of production and trading of medical equipment items in service of corona prevention and control, what measures has Hanoi's Market Management Department implemented?

Up to now, Hanoi’s Market Management force, acting as the standing agency of the Hanoi Steering Committee 389, has issued many documents and steering plans.

The market management department has issued five documents to direct thirty Market Management teams to focus all efforts, 24/7 to intensify reviewing and grasping the situation of the locality, propagating and mobilising business households to sign commitments, especially trading in medical supplies, hand sanitiser and masks.

In addition, the market management department has coordinated with units of the Ministry of Public Security and Hanoi Police to inspect business and transportation of wildlife, cattle, poultry, and food causing poor food safety.

In festive areas such as Ha Pagoda, Huong Pagoda and Tay Ho temple the unit has organised to sign commitments for business households not trading in food that causes unsanitary food safety to prevent the spread of disease caused by the new strain of corona virus.

Up to now, Hanoi market management department has signed commitments for 1,000 business households; 86 businesses were inspected, 75 establishments were treated, 62,000 masks and 32,500 vials of disinfectant hand sanitiser were detained.

Facing increasing demand, some establishments took advantage of production of masks and disinfectant hand-washing water with insufficient quality, the department issued a guiding document to market management forces to intensify inspection of the quality of stored goods market, especially commodities serving epidemic prevention, spread prevention and early disease control.

It is recommended people should not listen false information from social networks, causing public confusion.

In addition, the health sector needs to guide people to use masks and wash their hands properly.

The market management force will continue to strengthen the fight against counterfeiting, especially medical supplies, masks, antibacterial hand sanitisers and strengthen inspection of establishments with sudden increase in prices; business inspection, wildlife trade, food safety and hygiene.

While checking, handling, what difficulties has Hanoi’s market management force encountered?

Through handling work, the inspection force has discovered many items suspected of smuggling, fake goods, poor quality goods and goods without invoices and documents. Therefore, it is necessary to have participation of departments and agencies to devise solutions in accordance with the law.

It is expected that on February 7, Hanoi market management department will hold an interdisciplinary meeting (police, finance ...) to find ways to deal with goods for prevention and control of epidemics. The objective of handling is quick, timely, how to ensure propagation, as well as to strictly handle violations in the city.

Thank you Sir!

By QuangHung/Quynhlan