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Handle 2,000 containers of stagnant goods at Hai Phong port

19:24 | 07/02/2017

VCN – In 2016, the number of stagnant goods at Hai Phong port decreased to 2,000 containers compared to at the end of 2015.

xu ly 2000 container hang ton o cang hai phong
Stagnant goods at Hai Phong port also included cargo of Vinashin. Photo: T.Bình

According to Hai Phong Customs Department, to 31/12/2016, Hai Phong ports had 2,755 containers of stagnant goods overdue for Customs procedures in excess of 90 days. In that, the majority of items are used car tires which was 1,040 containers and 1,715 containers of other items.

At the conference of deployment mission in 2017 of Hai Phong Customs Department (dated 21/01/2017), the Deputy Minister of Finance praised the outstanding results of handling stagnant goods of Hai Phong Customs Department. In particular, the handling did not use any of the budget as originally envisaged, the processing and sale of stagnant goods promptly confiscated backlog was paid into the State budget up to billions of vnd.

In 2016, besides resulting in processing used automobile tires, the processing of stagnant goods, Haiphong Customs timely prevented and handled multiple shipments of unqualified imports, contributed to minimize the risk of environmental pollution, many of which are related to food items.

It could be mentioned as the destruction to 61,000 kg of "chicken wing” product, frozen "chicken legs"; destruction of 40,480 kg damaged soybean oil, is no longer valid; more than 509,000 kg sunflower seeds moldy, rotten ... Notably, it also related to the medical field by destroying more than 6,700 kg of expired "Pharmaceutical intravenous", etc.

If the Customs office does not handle ultimately and in time, it is not only causes the risk of environmental pollution, but also imported goods of poor quality may also be seeping inland, affecting health public.

By T.Bình/Thanh Thuy