April 07, 2020 18:26

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HaiPhong Customs improves the quality of serving the business community

09:13 | 13/02/2020

VCN- In order to successfully carry out the tasks assigned in 2020, especially the revenue collection task of VND67,000 billion, HaiPhong Customs Department identified one of the key solutions is to continue promoting administrative reform, creating favorable conditions for the business community through the Customs-Business Partnership Program.

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Professional activities at HaiPhong Customs. Photo: T. Binh

Help businesses reduce time, costs, improve competitiveness

Talking with reporters, Director of HaiPhong Customs Department Nguyen Duy Ngoc said: In recent years, the administrative reform and modernization of the unit has witnessed many positive changes, helping to reduce time, costs and procedures for businesses. The Department has actively expanded the implementation of the National Single Window and the ASEAN Single Window; providing online public services and an automated customs supervision system (VASSCM).

The Customs Department of HaiPhong has also brought the Customs - Enterprises partnership more and more into reality. The Department and its sub-departments have organized many seminarsand meetings with businesses that regularly carry out procedures at the unit to answer tax and customs policies as well as listen, share and remove problems and difficulties forbusinesses. Along with that, HaiPhong Customs has regularly issued regulations, business processes and manuals to unify the implementation of the whole unit, avoiding the arbitrariness in implementing the duties of officials, civil servants, reducing time for processing dossiers, shortening the time for clearance of goods.

“Effective in recent times, in 2020, HaiPhong Customs Department continues to promote the development of the Customs-Enterprises partnership; improve IT management and application methods in work control; improve the effectiveness of comprehensive coordination in the field of work,” Director of HaiPhong Customs Department said.

In order to further promote and improve the efficiency of the Customs-Business Partner Program, the HaiPhong Customs Department enhances regular meetings with the business community to discuss, capture and promptly remove obstacles. At the same time, through coordination to help the business community understand, share, support and cooperate with the Customs.

HaiPhong Customs continues to promote administrative reform, modernize customs to increase labor productivity, reduce the working time of officials and public servants to speed up the clearance time for goods, thereby facilitating profit, attract businesses to expand investment, import and export business in the area.

Create spread on the base units

One of the goals and also an important solution to improve the quality of the Customs-Business Partnership Program determined by HaiPhong Customs is the implementation at the Customs Branch todirectly contact and resolve procedures for the business community.

The Customs Department of HaiPhong port gate area 1 is the unit with the largest budget revenue of HaiPhong Customs Department and is also one of the units with many initiatives and solutions in implementing the Customs-EnterprisePartnership Program. Director Truong BinhAn said: In order to effectively implement the Program, the Director meets with business representatives to talk about procedures, listen to feedback and immediately solve any problems. Of which, special attention is paid to businesses with high import turnover, great value, high import frequency to propagate the guidelines of the Department. At the same time, exchange and guide participants to sign the agreement, resolve problems or notify them on policy changes immediately.

“The sub-department continues to sign the agreement with newly arrived businesses. Develop a plan to hold a business meeting in February 2020, with import-export businesses with large amounts of exports and imports, contributing high taxes to create favorable conditions to maximize benefits in resolving goods clearance for businesses to be assuredin the procedures at the Sub-Department. Accumulated number of enterprises participating in signing the Agreement is 1,597 enterprises,” Director of Department Truong BinhAn said.

At the Customs Sub-department of HaiPhong port gate area 3, Director of the Department Tran Manh Hung said: In January 2020, the Sub-Department built a meeting, contact and training plan with enterprises to carry out in 2020. At the same time, continue to promote the signing of the Customs - Business partnership agreement, considering this a regular and continuous task.

Speakingwith reporters and leaders of all border gate customs sub-departments outside HaiPhong Customs Department, thoroughly grasping the Department's plans and units determining partnership development between Customs and Enterprises asthe most important task, especially to strengthen the organization of contacts and dialogues with enterprises on each specific content and topic.

By Thai Binh/ HuuTuc